Father Son Bonding

The only thing he ate at this meal was a piece of rice cracker.

Who wants to eat when you have someone fun to play with?!

My masochistic chid and sadistic father. What a perfect match!

Loving it a little too much maybe Ty?

Ty – “Go on bite me again!”

Ty – “Yes! Now I can grab your glasses! Didn’t see that coming did you dad?”

Can not leave a full box of tissue next to him! An empty tissue box is now part of his toys. The things babies like…..


3 thoughts on “Father Son Bonding

  1. artsyduct says:

    Love it! Him nd motozo together is so funny. He’s a little goat in the last pic LOL and he looks SOOO much like you now meg! When you were little its SOOO cute!

  2. Lisa says:

    He is so cute, Meg. Just a thought with his food, he may have texture sensitivities, Caleb greatly disliked baths and would only eat dry foods, both of which where later linked to texture sensitivities.

    Hunter would only eat foods she could hold herself, no spoons nothing. I used to make her buckwheat soba noodles and other easy to eat foods. Babies are pretty good at getting what they need to survive, it’s only us that worries.

    I read once it takes 12+ times of being introduced to a new food before a kid will eat it. 🙂

  3. Is funny you mentioned texture sensitivities as Lilia just suggested the same thing.

    Its quite possible. He def prefers dry things (crackers etc) and likes to feed himself, but just recently he started letting me feed him with my fingers (no spoon). But he LOVES his bath and likes squishing soft food in his hands. Going to try buckwheat soba noodles next.

    Yes, I’m trying to keep reminding myself about the 12+ time thing for foods as I tend to not give him foods that he keeps refusing.

    Its great to hear of your experience with your kids.

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