Golden Week Trip To Shimoda

Again, its been forever since I updated the blog. I’m finding it super hard to do anything other than the day-to-day grind of taking care of Ty. How do full-time moms manage their time!? I’m struggling to get things done around here and I’m a stay at home mom with only 1 child!

Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Our friends and us rented a house in Shimoda over Golden Week and we had a blast there! Get ready for loads of photos! This is only a smidgen of the photos I took over the 4 days.

Ty was pretty good on the drive over. He doesn’t protest as much as he used to while in his car seat.

But after 4 hrs of driving we all were happy to arrive at our destination and the babies got right to doing what they do best – playing. It was so fun watching them steal toys play together. Never mind the creepy guy who jumped into the baby photo at the last moment 😉

The next day we were blessed with good weather. The weather forecast was for rain all week so we took full advantage of it and went down to the beach.

My urban boy did pretty well in the sand. He wasn’t all over it, but he def was more into it than his experience on grass.

Daniella, Marta, Ty and I watched as our hubbies suited up and went for a cold swim. Them crazy boys!

I took loads of photos of Marta, but this one was my fav. She’s so cute!

Afterwards, we all went for lunch. I take full advantage of being in front of the camera for a change. Especially with Ty! Ty isn’t so thrilled about the continuous photo taking though.

I’m totally jealous of Sara’s wine! I want I want!

While we ate pizzas and pasta, Alexandre ate his alligator. I love watching babies play!

The Tricks and I relaxed on the yard back at the house while the others played tennis. It was so fabulous to be sitting on the grass! But unfortunately, it didn’t last long as the rain started.

And the rain continued into the next day. We stayed pretty much bundled up indoors. It’s so hard being indoors all day with babies, but they did pretty good playing with each other.

Ty seriously did really well on this trip. He usually gets pretty anxious over new environments and doesn’t sleep or nurse well unless he’s in the comfort of home, but he actually was pretty easy-going on this trip. He slept and nursed well thus making our day-times a lot easier! I think he really enjoyed being around his baby friends, Alexandre and Marta. He’d watched them crawl and pull themselves to stand and he seemed to get frustrated that he couldn’t get locomotive himself.

Of course, all the non “toy” related items were a huge hit!

The next day we had semi clear skies. Sara’s family made the trip back to Tokyo, while the Tricks and us stayed for another day.

We hit up the aquarium. The babies were more into the fish in the tanks rather than the dolphin shows.

It was fun watching them look at everything in wonder! Last year we took Motozo’s parents here when Ty was only 2 months and he slept through the whole visit to the aquarium so this was his first real experience.

It was the cutest thing to watch the penguins come back from their “walk”

We were so glad we stayed an extra day because our last day in Shimoda was fabulous weather! So bright and hot that I actually had to cover Ty up quite a bit while lounging at the beach.

He had fun pulling everything out of his diaper bag.

Our drive back for some reason though took us FOREVER! We thought we could beat the traffic if we drove back on Friday rather than Sat or Sun, but no, we got super unlucky and it took us 8 hrs to get back! That’s about as long as a trip to Hawaii!

If there was any family who’d be excellent company for a super long car ride, it was definitely the Tricks. They have such wonderful sense of humor and was making jokes the whole time.

My only regret is that we didn’t get a group shot of our 3 families! 😦
But I did manage to get a photo of one of my meals. Veggie Pizza! It was delicious!

Despite our super long car ride back, we only have good memories of the trip and after spending 4 days with friends it was kind of lonely to come back home where Ty and I are alone all day.

BUT Jan is visiting us next week for a full 4 days! woohoo! I can’t wait to hang out with her and baby Brian.


4 thoughts on “Golden Week Trip To Shimoda

  1. Ellen says:

    he`s growing so fast!! and so cute!!!

  2. artsyduct says:

    soo cute, he sits so straight and tall it’s hilarious! Whatta big boy now, I’m so glad he was good for you for the trip, so much fun to get away with other families! You can drink some wine? Like 3 sips? lol, unless it probably effects ty, he’s a little sensitive booger! love that one all covered up with a towel LOL, and him and his sunnies so funny. You look great! When he starts crawling and getting mobile you’ll notice that tiny bit of extra time you had to yourself will be GONE LOL, like really gone! :D. I wish I could come and visit :(. suppose you’ll come later or we’ll see you in september, by then Ty will already be 1..booo! Looking forward to Jan’s visit!

  3. Mia says:

    haha, Moto photo bombing and Ty, all ET with the towel… so funny. We headed straight to the river, but with all the rain the dams were opened and the rivers were flooded, nevertheless, packed full with campers. Couldn`t get to swim though, wading was painful it was so cold. Sounds like a great fun weekend and glad for you Ty was a good little lad.

  4. Darn. that sucks about the river! Rivers are totally the way to go when it starts getting really hot though.

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