Happy Mothers Day!

To the greatest mother in the world!

My Mother, Hirasawa Ritsuko

I never appreciated you more than I do now now that I’ve become a mother myself. I now finally understand what it was like for you; the many many sleepless nights when all your children were newborns. I understand now why your naps were sacred and necessary every day. I understand the tears of worry, the tears of exhaustion, the tears of just plain frustration and the tears of joy and love for your children.

I can’t even imagine how many diapers you have changed, how many baby meals you’ve made, how many baby clothes you’ve changed, and how many baths you’ve given. Many, to many to count!

I’m the flub one on the right.

To be honest, every time someone asked me how you managed to raise 11 kids, I would say that you had lots of help from your own kids. Free baby sitters. But this year, my reply is different. My reply is that I too have no idea how you managed and I too am in awe now of how you raised 11 kids!

When you talk about when I and my siblings were baby’s/kids you don’t often tell us how tough and difficult we were. Instead, you tell us how cute/funny/loveable we were. Now that is a true mothers love!

I love you more than words can say and am beyond grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You showered me with love and I hope my son will grow up feeing just as much love from me as I do from you, Mom.

I’m the geeky one with the glasses 🙂

Thank you Mom!

And to all you mothers out there. You are awesome! Happy Mothers Day!

As for my mothers day. It was really nice. We spent all day outside basically. We took the running stroller out and enjoyed the sunshine. Ehem, is Ty giving me the finger!?

And then hubby surprised me with a gift during dinner. Totally unexpected! I love the necklace!

I also need to mention that he watched Ty in the morning so I could sleep in, cleaned up Ty’s puke, pushed the jogging stroller around the park so I could run a head at my own place, picked up dinner, and made me a salad. He does all these kind things on a regular basis, but on this day he made me feel extra special. Thank you Darling!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. artsyduct says:

    omg I nearly cried reading that and looking at the pics. SO TRUE, I’m stumped how mom did it, even though she had tons of help..you can’t have help in the night!! You also can’t have help being a mom and giving the 1to1 kind of attention mom managed to give us! Happy Mothers day to you pegs! You’re a super wondreful mom, doing everything you can for him. That pic of you in stroller with mom, looks just like ty!! So great of motozo to do these tings for you! Beautiful necklace..is it for mom? or Meg haha or both !

  2. Yeah, it can be Meg, mom, Motozo ha.

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