Jan and Brian’s Visit #2!

Last week Jan and Josh stayed with us for 5 whole days! It was glorious! Lots of mama talk, baby play, and even some late nights drinking wine 🙂

It was so great to see how much the boys have changed from the last time we met. Brian is amazingly active. Crawling and pulling up everywhere. He’s even able to take a couple of steps unassisted!
Even the way they play is quite different.

Next to Brian, Ty is still quite a baby. Brian is super interactive and seems to understand whatever we are saying and tries to communicate back. He’s really good at expressing his likes and dislikes and comes across as a toddler.

Watching them play together is so funny and interesting. Whatever the other child has the other one wants. They keep going back and forth grabbing things from each other. Brian got smart quick and learned he can escape from Ty with the toy if he wanted.

Brian is good at playing with cars and Ty was into shaking things. There was so many times when Jan and I were cracking up. I didn’t put the picture up, but Brian had lots of fun pushing Ty around in his walker and used Ty to pull himself up to stand.

I was hoping Brian would rub off of Ty and wouldn’t you know Ty really started trying to get mobile. He started to go forward.

Which always resulted in him flopping on his stomach eventually and then he’d pushing himself around and back. Not forward yet though. One of these days he’ll get it!

Josh even got to stay over for 2 days and we had fun taking him to My Gym.
I couldn’t decide on the My Gym photo though so I went with Brian in shades 🙂

Which one matches more?

We also went to music class and the violin teacher was very impressed with Brian. Brian was super interested in the teacher especially while he played the violin.
Ty just had fun putting all the toys in his mouth ha.

Of course, we had to take this photo as we always do when we meet. We won’t be able to do these shots forever. Eventually, we’ll have to be satisfied with side by side shots in whatever way we can get.

Ty obviously has some thing for Brian. Does this photo look at all familiar?

Look how much they’ve grown!

We miss you guys! It was lovely having you over!

Can’t wait to visit you in Chiba! Eek! Brian will be 1yrs old in a couple of weeks! How crazy time flies!


2 thoughts on “Jan and Brian’s Visit #2!

  1. artsyduct says:

    you both look so great in the last pic! love it! SOOO FUNNY THE PIC OF TY DOING THE SAME THING~! great pics. good luck trying to recreate that once they start crawling lol. He’s nearly there!
    brian is so grown up lookingfor sure! Babies are all so different. I met this 6 month old that was literally like a 1 year old! freaked me out! amelie was pure newborn at that age heh; ty is soo handsome with his comb over.;love!! xx big kisses.

  2. sherry k says:

    aww~ i love all these photos! especially the one of Ty and Brian in the strollers “holding hands”, its so sweet!

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