Ty’s 10 Month Update

Its crazy how much babies change! When I think back to when he was just a tiny 1 month old and compare him to how he is today, its unbelievable!
And the difference from last month to this month is also pretty huge.

But first his stats which aren’t a huge difference from last month.
Weight: 8.5kg
Height: 70.2cm
Head circumference: 44.2 (as large as his head looks, its actually below average on the chart)

I’m starting to just now understand what people say about boys. You know the whole theory about them being wild, active and supposedly harder than girls? Well, I can kind of see where people are coming from when they say this now. Not that Ty is super active or wild or anything, but he recently started getting more vocal about what he wants and man is he LOUD! He’s all about grabbing, pinching, sticking his fingers in my eyes and mouth. I’m sure this is something all babies do, but I can totally see boys doing all these things more vigorously.

In the food department, everything has improved a bit. Somedays he has a really off day where he doesn’t want anything to do with food, and other days he’s pretty experimental and eats a couple bite of whatever I offer him. Spoon feeding is still completely off limits though. He hates being spoon fed but is alright if I feed him with my fingers. I have to make sure all his foods are hard enough for me to pick up, but soft enough for him to eat. This isn’t too hard to do, but sometimes I just want to give him a puree and I wish he would be alright with the spoon.

So far what he does like or will tolerate for 1-2 bites are: noodles (his fav), beans (so far I’ve given him Mung beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, brown and red lentils), rice, oatmeal,  banana, melon, apple,  pancake (made without egg, salt, and sugar), potato, zucchini, kabu, eggplant, broccoli and asparagus.

He loves his sippy cup and I actually have to limit the amount of water he drinks because he’ll drink water endlessly and fill his belly up so he won’t drink from me.

Unfortunately, he seems to have allergies. To what exactly, I don’t know. I wasn’t a good mum and up until he had his reaction I was giving him foods that were mixed with a variety of things. Once I gave him hijiki with no problem, but the second time he had a huge reaction that freaked me out! He got super red all around his neck and face. The poor boy was so itchy he scratched until he bled. I rushed him to the skin clinic and she gave me meds and creams and by the next morning he wasn’t itchy any more although the redness lingered a little. I called the cafe that I gave him the hijiki at to find out what they put in there and I now have a huge list that I need to avoid since I don’t know if he’s allergic to just one or all of them.

Sesame oil
and possibly mushrooms and mustard since he had a slight reaction at another occasion. I hope he grows out of it.

But he seems to have some pretty sensitive skin because he gets hives sometimes out of no where. When we were at the beach he broke out in hives and I’m presuming it was because of the heat. Another time I used some of my scented lotion on just his neck and back and again immediately hives all over his skin where I applied it.
I’m also wondering if he might have an allergy to almonds or walnuts, because on 2 different occasions when I ate them he had a couple hive outbreaks, but a lot lighter than usual. I’ve become extra extra careful to make sure I wash my hands really well before touching him or any of his toys etc after eating and my lovely lotion I’ve also avoided boohoo.
When he was in the hospital though, they give him a blood test to test him for allergies and he was negative to everything, but I’m thinking another test might be good.

As for nursing, there are days where he’s a pretty good nurser and I don’t think too much about it. And then there are days where I’m so tired of nursing because at home he ONLY nurses in the bedroom, laying down with the lights off and outside only in the Ergo. Sometimes its nice that he only nurses in the Ergo because then I can keep walking around and he usually falls asleep, but there are times when he’s hungry, but gets too distracted and peeks out from the sides of the cover on the Ergo and doesn’t nurse properly. These days I’m really looking forward to being completely weaned from the boob. But I really don;t want to go through the hassle of switching him to a bottle and he will need a bottle if I stop bf him because he doesn’t eat a substantial amount of solids yet. He has totally refused to take pumped breastmilk even from his beloved sippy cup and he’ll just wait until I’m available to nurse him like on the days when I teach yoga. I think if Ty was able to nurse anywhere, in any room in the house, and outside without the Ergo it would make my life easier and I wouldn’t be opposed to nursing him until he self weans, but being that he’s pretty particular, I’m starting to think of when and how I can stop nursing and sooner rather than later would be wonderful. But I’m trying to enjoy him nursing as much as possible as I know its something I will definitely miss when its all finished. My goal is a year and then I will have to make another goal if the end is not realistically in sight.

Just a couple weeks ago he pretty much just sat there and played with his toys. He didn’t really seem to have much interest in moving and his toys entertained him pretty well. And then suddenly he wasn’t so into his toys any more and was more into doing some yoga poses. Downward facing dog to be exact haha 🙂

He does this for a good portion of the day. Its the cutest thing! He hasn’t figured out how to move his hands and feet so he just stays in that position until he falls on his belly.

And then one day he figured out how to commando crawl and with daily practice he’s a little faster at getting around. But he absolutely hates it and always whines for me to rescue him. But he has moments when he’s all quiet and all of a sudden I find that he got himself stuck under the chair.

What he really prefers to do is pull himself up to stand, but he hasn’t figured out how to use his legs and he pulls with all his might with his arms. If its low enough then he successfully pulls himself up to stand and when he does he has this most gorgeous face of accomplishment. He looks so happy and proud of himself and he loves to walk around with support while holding my hands.
I hope he figures out how to crawl on his hands and knees though as his commando crawl is giving him some red blisters on his toes.

He also learned how to clap! Just like all my mom friends told me, it happened one day out of the blue. 🙂

At home he gets pretty bored of all his toys and he’s pretty fussy if I’m not sitting right next to him or carrying him around so I try to get him out to baby play centers as often as possible so he can play with new toys and he’s plays so quietly and contently.

Speaking of fussiness, as soon as he learned how to commando crawl he became even more attached to dad and I. Before he’d be fine if I left him to play on his mat and did something in the kitchen, but now he fusses and eventually cries for us. I can’t leave him alone for a second without him brawling. And I can’t just be in the same room with him, I need to be right next to him or carrying him. SIGH!
The good thing is he’s totally cool with dad now unless he wants to be nursed. I left him last weekend with daddy to take a yoga class and he cried for a bit until Motozo took him outside and then he was super happy.

He looks so bald here. ha, poor thing.

His loose stools have finally calmed down! I’m beyond relieved!  And I think Ty is too. As recommended by a nutritionist I started him on baby probiotics and hopefully this helps him absorb nutrients better. He’s pretty genki and doesn’t have any upset stomachs any more.

As for me, I feel quite blessed to have such an adorable and lovely baby. He makes me very happy, but I have my days when he drives me crazy and I really do crave more me time. That yoga class I took last weekend was absolutely fabulous and left me in such a great mood all day! I need more of those.

I miss running. I wish I could run more, but I also don’t have any motivation to run. Its hard to run when I know I’ll only be able to get 1 run in one week and then next I might not be able to run at all. Maybe signing up for a race would force me to train more….we’ll see. For now I’m enjoying some 10-15min workouts from Zuzana from her Youtube channel and I also downloaded a fitness app on the ipad. It gives a new worked out daily anywhere from 10-30mins so I’m trying to bust out a 10min one at least once a day. Some exercise is better than none right?

Ty’s birthday is soon! I need to think of what to do for his special day!


3 thoughts on “Ty’s 10 Month Update

  1. lil says:

    Omg cutest ever! Hes commando crawling! Yay!! Love his downdog posw, so so adorable. He looks to be getting plenty to eat! You’re doing a great job and already earing heaps for 10m! Amelie was limited to ricw chixken, sweetpotato etc, but very few as she started getting picky. Thankfully they go thru multiple stages so just keep offering. Great that u got out for yoga and motozo could spemd time. The clingy days can be tiring, its great having play centres nearby!

    Ack! Cant believe its nearly his 1st birthday!! It really flies when u step back and remember. Enjoy the days now, i already miss tiny grunting amelie and can see her independance ramping up!

  2. Mia says:

    Downward dog pose had me cracking up… that`s adorable!
    I hope you figure out what his allergy`s are from. If his allergy from the heat and sweat get worse, using only towel like or gauze 100% cotton beddings/towels help so much. Natie suffers bad in heat, She has to wear a Yochien uniform but if I put a 100% cotton undershirt she`s fine.
    His face is looking more grown up too. It`s awesome he drinks from a straw.
    Boys are definitely more… well, boyish, girls can be rough and loud too, but it`s just different.

  3. Merch says:

    So cute and he has so many teeth! What a big boy!! 🙂

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