26 Years Young :)

Yesterday(Today is baby Brian’s birthday! Happy 1 year!) was my birthday. I had a really nice simple day.

It started as my regular Wed of frantically getting ready for the day before teaching yoga. Motozo surprised me by prepping my smoothie in the blender before he left for work. So when Ty and I stumbled into the kitchen about an hour behind schedule it was an awesome timesaver! Motozo always adds lots of fruits in the smoothie so it’s always tastier than mine.
Luckily, everything went pretty smooth in the morning. Ty when down for an earlier than usual nap despite waking up late, giving me plenty of time to pump and reread my notes for the class.

I love teaching prenatal yoga! I’m sure I mentioned this before, but there’s something extremely special about being part of a pregnant women’s journey. Even though I’m a very very tiny tiny part it’s so wonderful to see these ladies grow and I almost feel like I’m going through pregnancy with them all over again, but without actually having to deal with being pregnant myself.

Today was a little sad because it was one of my students last yoga class as she’s giving birth this weekend. A group photo was a must! Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!

It was nice of them to invite me to lunch with them after the class and Ty got to meet the ladies. Twas fun!

Motozo got home early from work as we had birthday dinner plans out and he brought home a huge bouquet. The lily’s smell divine! Flowers ALWAYS make me happy.

We went to a nice organic/vegan/macrobiotic restaurant not too far from our neighborhood. This is only our second time to go here and the last time was my birthday 2 years ago. The food is pretty good, but the best part is the restaurant itself. It has loads of character and unlike most vegetarian restaurants that are more cafe like, this is a proper restaurant so it feels a little fancier.
We ordered more than pictured here. By the time dessert rolled around Ty was a little cranky as it as pass his bedtime, but he was quite the trooper.

We had a nice walk home and I throughly enjoyed the night lights as I hardly ever go out in the evenings now with Ty’s bedtime being 6:30-7pm.
When we got back I had presents from Motozo! He got me some nice sport shorts and tights. Sorry for not posting the photos of me in the clothing Motozo. They didn’t turn out too flattering ha.
It’s quite embarrassing how out of shape I am, but hopefully those sporty clothes will motivate me to get back in shape. Ha. Thanks love for the presents.

Thank you every one for the birthday wishes online and over phone. Was very thoughtful and kind of you!
Heres to many more years!

I turn 26 and my little man turned 11 months. Only one month until a 1 year old! OMG!

He’s all about pulling himself up to stand. My husband is showing some serious leg.

Look at that determination!

Today I had to baby proof our place as he’s getting better and better at pulling up and all the drawers needed locks. Man, is it tough now that he’s on the move!  I spend almost my entire time at home making sure he doesn’t get hurt or get into trouble. I’m quite glad now that he was on the slower side to start crawling and pulling up haha.

His hair is also getting longer and more out of control. I have no idea what to do with it. If I put it to the side it makes him look bald, if I put in the middle it looks rather ridiculous ha. Well, he’s still so cute and make me smile loads!


4 thoughts on “26 Years Young :)

  1. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Mia says:

    Happy Birthday! again, for the times I`ve missed. Glad you had nice dinner…not as easy as it sounds with a baby. I actually took years to learn that kind of patience a new mother needs, but you make it sound like it just comes naturally.
    Maybe my memory is off but methinks Ty is looking more and more like Joe. His hair is cute in front like a Kyupi Doll.

  3. Thanks a lot Mia!
    I think u have loads of patience! U have 3 kids and I’m super certain 1 is enough for me ha.
    Yes, Ty totally is looking like Joey! He looks like Jason too.

  4. lil says:

    Yes! JO for sure!! Happy birthday my beautiful sister, you are such a great mommy and so amazing you can juggle things like a full yoga class and all that in 1 day! Super amazed by your ability to run a full pregnant yoga class..when we see each other you gotta show me some moves! Those pregnant ladies look so great ..sigh, I miss being pregnant (the first part that is). What a lovely motozo for all the surprises he does for you, I hope you were able to relax just abit, it’s not easy with an 11month old! He’s SOOO unbelievably cute, I can’t wait to meet him and squeeze his chubby legs. Hopefully he doesnt lose it by then, he looks to be on the move already! It’s SO stressing when they are moving around and house isn’t proofed, get a big cage..it saved my sanity for at least a couple months until she wanted to get out, but at least for the crawling/pulling up times it was nice and she loved her own little area..or just baby proof 1 room and stay in there for good while HA. I hope this year is filled with happiness and love! Lots of love – big little sister

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