Ty’s 11 Month Update

A lot changed in just 2 weeks or so. He’s on the move! Finally! He went from commando crawling and a week later he’s crawling on his knees(but he prefers commando when he wants to get somewhere fast) and pulling up to stand.
Every week I get an update on BabyCenter telling how many months and weeks old my baby is. I subscribed to two ages, one for his original due date and one for his actual date. According to his 10th month milestones on babycenter he’s right on track. He’s learned how to do things pretty quick in the last little while. Although, I think full on walking will take a couple more months. But you never know.

He loves standing and is so proud of himself when he gets up. He figured out how to use his legs fo push up rather than just pull up with his arms as he used to to stand. Every day he gets steadier and steadier, but he still has some occasional tumbles. Its usually when he’s trying something new like reaching for an area thats out of his reach and loosing his balance. He sometimes just goes round and round this coffee table. Its super cute!

Its a whole new world for him now that he’s standing. So many things to discover and play with! Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to get down from standing to sitting so when he gets tired he starts yelling for me.

He’s pretty fast to commando crawl now, but he doesnt crawl around as much as I expected him to. I thought that he’d be all about exploring, but no he needs/wants to stay close to me so he just crawls towards me and pulls himself up to stand and whines until I give him attention. But he’s starting to get a little more independent every day. For the first time the other day I was washing the dishes and he crawled into the computer room and found the computer cords (oh, so fun!) I was very impressed with his ability to crawl away from me and be on his own. But for the most part he demands quite a bit of attention.
If I need to get things done in the kitchen I leave the pot area open for him to explore and pull out the bowls and pots. He stays pretty occupied for awhile.
But taking showers is super hard now! I need to take showers every morning or I just don’t feel right, and up until now I could pretty much just set him infront of the shower room with the door ajar and he’d entertain himself with toys etc, but now, of course, he wants to crawl in the shower with me! If I close the down on him he crys like crazy, so today I just let him crawl in the shower with me while he was in his PJs as I figured I was going to change his clothes anyway.

For food he’s pretty much the same. LOVES his baby crackers and will eat them by the handful if I let him and still not so crazy about real food. Sometimes he’ll eat more than other days, but still I’d say he gets about 5% of solids and the rest is breast-milk.I think he def has some sort of sensory issues as he’s not a fan of mushy wet things and is all about dry crackers and bread. He’s not a huge fan of fruit except the occasional melon and apple, but he likes pasta and beans.
I made freshly squeezed carrot juice the other day and gave him some diluted.

He wasn’t a huge fan 😦 Bummer! I didn’t plan on giving him juice on until pass a year, but I figured freshly squeezed is a whole lot better than anything from a carton and if he liked juice maybe I can get him used to different flavors, but he only had a couple sips and was done. But he loves his water! Like mom like baby 🙂

He has allergies to, I’m guessing, walnuts. Even though I wash my hands always after eating nuts, he’ll still get red and itchy around his neck, chest, shoulder and occasional the face if I pick him up.  I’m still not 100% sure if its walnuts(I haven’t given it to him directly), but I’m going to get him tested hopefully next week as its its really hard trying to avoid even TINY TRACES of allergens. Last night Motozo and I ate some nuts and the crumbs went on the table, the next morning around breakfast he had a reaction and he probably just touched a tiny bit of crumbs. The poor boy. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if he actually ingested the nuts.

When does the putting everything in the mouth stage end? Everything but food that is. When he’s crawling around and there’s a tiniest dust or something on the floor he’ll pick it up and put it directly in his mouth. Maybe I should deliberately put food bits on the floor so he can eat those haha.

Recently he’s so active in bed that it often wakes me up and makes for a rather restless night. It’s so funny how the tiniest person in the house takes up so much bed real estate. We only have a fence keeping him from falling off of one side of the bed and the other side I put a big pillow, but when he’s awake he crawls easily over it so in the evening before I go to bed and if he wakes up I need to go into the room pretty quick before he crawls off the bed. I don’t know if I’m going to order a fence for the other side or not because it might just be easier for me to sleep on the floor with him eventually. It would be ideal for him to sleep in his own crib, but with the amount of times he still wakes up to nurse, I really don’t want to have to get up and out of bed that many times when I can just roll over and nurse him. Eventually though, some sort of sleep training might be in order as it’s getting hard to be kicked and punched all night long.

He’s starting to get pretty bold with other babies. Before he would just sit there and keep to himself playing with his toys, but now he wants everything the other baby has even if it’s the same toy he has.
Now he’ll crawl right up to another baby and pull on him/her. It’s hard to find a good balance between letting him do things to figure out what the outcome is and also preventing him from hurting others. If it’s among friends, I pretty much just let him do as he wants, but around others I’m no so familiar with I watch him really carefully. So long as he’s not hurting himself or others I like the hands off approach for him to learn and experience things, but one of these days soon I’m going to have to think of how I want to discipline him as I know it’ll be needed in the near future, or not, ha.

Taking him out to public is pretty hard in a restaurant setting. He hates to stay still and sitting on my lap doesn’t really cut it. If I bring some food that he likes than that’ll keep him occupied and quiet for a short time, but eventually he wants to take a nap or something and it’s getting harder and harder to put him to sleep in the Ergo as he gets easily distracted.

One thing I’m super happy about is that he doesn’t mind being with daddy now. He used to get terrible separation anxiety if even daddy was holding him, but he’s totally cool if either one of us carry him. Makes it a lot easier on me!

Again I’m sure there was loads more new things about him that I missed, but it has taken me 4 whole days to complete this post so I’m too tired to elaborate. Whenever I sit down at the computer he’ll immediately crawl over to me and demand attention so I’ve only been able to type a sentence or paragraph here or there *Sigh!* I don’t know how other full-time mom bloggers manage to blog on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day!

The older he gets though the more fun he is. Every smile of his melts my heart!


7 thoughts on “Ty’s 11 Month Update

  1. lil says:

    Oh yay ty for crawling amd standing!! I happens so fast! Very scary about the nut allergy! That makes things difficult, its already so hard to feed them w/o worrying if they get enuf! I remember amelie had a rice cracker stage…still does actually, eats rice half the time, but out of the blue eats broccoli. Too bad boiut juice, but hell come round soon. It changes constantly. The clinginess is annoying lol i remember having to vlog at that stage as they dont let u breathe lol. I have yet to take a shower and just take bath with her and let max take her out to put pjs on while wash hair…but if max was available shed be fine with him now..so that stage does emd eventually. Hes soooooo durn cute. His little mouth!! Love that blue stripey outfit! Dont worry bout discipline, it comes naturally when u can see they get it, otherwise its just a quick redirection before the pull up on another baby lol. Hands off is excellent approach i think!

  2. Ellen says:

    He is so cute!! and he looks so happy !!! i think that as time goes by he´ll start to be more independant and you´ll have your private showers again. For the time being, take it as you save time showering both at the same time 🙂
    Hope the allergy test gives you an accurate idea of what you can give him and can t, being allergic myself I know how awful those reactions are.

  3. yes, thats what my sister recommends too. Take showers with Ty. But he takes a bath at night and I like showering in the morning. I suppose I could take 2 showers in the day once summer rolls around and I’m sweating more 🙂
    Oh, sorry for your allergies. I can totally imagine how uncomfortable they are! I get all itchy just seeing Ty break out in rashes and I feel SO bad for him to deal with the discomfort. I have creams and meds for him though and the rash always calms down 1-2 hrs after I give him the meds and he’s back to his regular self at least.

  4. Ellen says:

    ask the doctor first, but there are certain herbs that help with allergies, maybe it can be of help!!
    yep, one feels so helpless some times but the good thing is that there are meds that help him get better!!!

  5. Mia says:

    If your nursing aren`t you not supposed to be eating nuts as well?
    Nice thinking outside the box and just letting him crawl in the shower with his pj`s… that could have made an awesome being-a-mom/baby photo. My fav is his tiny mohawk. His personality in his face expressions look so calm and cool.

  6. well, I don’t think nursing = having to eat nuts. But I love nuts, especially walnuts so I always eat it, but now that he has started having reactions every time I eat walnuts I stopped eating that. Almonds and peanuts don’t seem to effect him.
    yeah. I wish I had the camera handy to take a photo of him crawling around in the shower.

  7. Mia says:

    Oh, sorry, I meant… If he has an allergy to a nuts and you`re nursing…

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