Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to the greatest dad ever!
This birthday was last Saturday, but this week has been pretty busy with taking care of a sick baby so I didn’t have time to post the photos I took when we visited.

It was super super great visiting my family. Ty got loads of attention with some serious “paparazzi”

He also got his first look at video games and seemed quite interested.

We managed to pry Jamie off the sofa for a walk to the near by park. Jamie is so good with Ty!

Ty isn’t so into swings though so he cried when Jamie swung him and of course, daddy had to give it a try too. He isn’t a fan no matter who swings him.

But he loved eating the monkey bars.

Its so cute watching Jamie with Ty. He really goes all out to make him smile and Ty loved him.

We found a swing he enjoyed! Or is it Jamie he’s enjoying actually.

And he really enjoyed the slide. It was fun taking Ty to play at the park since we don’t do that much at home.

When we returned I found Sherry and Jen busy in the kitchen making shu-cream! Jen and Shebs were competing against who could make prettier shu’s. This is Jen’s batch.

Sherry had some serious competition, but she made hers just as pretty and we all agreed in the end that they both were great.

For dinner mom made some veg gyoza made with chickpeas and lentils. Poor dad had to have a veg meal because of me for his birthday dinner.
They turned out great though. At least to me! I totally should try making veg gyoza at home!

Happy Birthday Dad! It was wondering celebrating your special day!

Ty stayed up way pass his bedtime which might have had to do something with him getting a fever a couple days later as it seemed to really affect him. He was quite the trooper though and he was well taken care of.

Another weekend is upon us! woohoo! We were planning to visit Jan in Tateyama, but think it might be best to take it easy this week for Ty, so we rescheduled to next week.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. artsyduct says:

    Wow those shu creams look delish!! Dad looking young as ever! Happy birthday! I like the pics of james and ty, he loves all that attention eh. Cant wait for the 3 cousins to meet all uncles and aunties and grands. Great meal too! Hope ty gets wellvsoon horrible when it happens, for everyone!

  2. Jesse says:

    Love Motozo’s muscles.

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