Lovely Weekend.

We had a very outdoorsy and busy weekend planned.

Ty was itchy to start first thing in the morning.
We had a nice lunch with Motozo’s friend visiting from HK, but unfortunately the restaurant photos didn’t really turn out well so I have none to show.

Afterwards to met up with friends in Midtown Park.
We coordinated their clothes to be matching. Sarah gave Ty this awesome sushi outfit for his birthday so we couldn’t resist a photo shoot. Ah, those two are so cute!

Ty is a bit of a goat/sheep/cow/horse and goes CRAZY for grass, especially dried leaves. He doesn’t eat food, but he’ll eat grass. Whats up with that? I wonder if it indicates some deficiency? I know I’m a bit of a paranoid mama here, but when pregnant ladies get a craving for dirt or something like that its suppose to be an indication of some deficiency right? Well, no matter what it is, it makes for a difficult time trying to stop him from eating grass, but still enjoy himself at the same time.

Daddy cleverly distracted him by taking him for a “walk”. He used to love being walked around, but ever since he learned how to crawl he doesn’t seem to like it as much. But he still enjoyed the dirt and grass under his feet and occasionally sat down to attempt to eat the tiniest rock and leave.

Our sushi boys are modeling the front and back of their outfit and listening to a group of guys playing some nice acoustic music on their guitars.

Ty and his eyebrows.

A dragon-fly stole a ride on Motozo’s back.

And then we went for Happy Hour! Its been FOREVER since I’ve gone for drinks in the late afternoon. Maybe the last time was on holiday in Hawaii. I’m pretty strict about Ty’s bed time routine which means we have to be home a little before 5pm daily, but today I was persuaded other wise.
Ah, it was so nice to chat with friends and sip on cold drinks outside with our babies!

Motozo enjoyed a beer and we tried feeding Ty his french toast, but he didn’t want anything to do with it. Recently, he has absolutely NO appetite for food. He seriously will only eat 1 bite per meal of something. Its super frustrating always making his meals for him and him hardly eating anything!

Well, I got distracted there. I had a grapefruit and cranberry mixed juice. And we ordered some chips and dried fruit. I sometimes wish Ty had a later bedtime so we could enjoy evening meals out, but I’m also quite happy he goes down so early so I have the evening to relax.
Ty was pretty cranky, but we got home in time for him to go to bed at 7pm.

On Sunday we woke up pretty late at 8:30AM! I’m so glad Ty decided to sleep in as that “sleep in” was wonderful!

Were not patriotic in the least, but in honor of July 4th, I had a red, white (yellow), and blue breakfast. Twas yummy!

A couple of hours later we met our friends at Yoyogi Park for a run with the strollers. Yeon and I signed up for a race in October so were kind of motivated to train. Yeon signed up for the half marathon and I the 10k only. Races kind of stress me out and being that I’m recently only managing 1 run every 2 weeks or so I figured a short race would be better for me. But this week I managed 2 runs and geez my legs are about to fall off!

It would be really wonderful if I could run 3-4xs a week, but I’ll take what I can get. It was super fun running with such great company! For the most part Ty was pretty good. Whenever he started fussing I’d give him his favorite cracker and it’ll keep him happy for a bit. When he got too fussy to stay in the stroller, Motozo and I took turns on laps, making for a total of 7k run in the park, plus a 2k jog to the park. And can I include the 2k walk back? ha Yay, feeling so proud of myself!
We hardly ever use our running stroller, but today I was super glad we had one! Otsukaresama everyone! Let’s do it again soon.

And that concludes our weekend. Twas wonderful and its sad it ended already. Heres to a fabulous week! My boy is turning 1 yrs old on Friday so I’ll be sort of busy doing test runs of cakes this week for him. I’m thinking a healthy sugar-free carrot cake. Maybe I really shouldn’t spend too much time on the cake as he’ll most likely not eat it anyway. Or maybe if I put some grass on it…..?

3 thoughts on “Lovely Weekend.

  1. Ellen says:

    Don`t worry, kids eat all type of things. My brother used to scratch the walls and eat what he got out of them!!!
    What a lovely weekend you had!!

  2. Mia says:

    Oh, so far it`s good it`s only grass and earth. The two of them look especially cute in matching sushi outfits, rocking the little aprons. 😀
    You`re so lucky to have Yoyogi park so close with all that lovely long running space. Best of luck for the Oct. run.

  3. artsyduct says:

    Haha grass!! Funny boy..maybe he’ll eat spinach leaves…so strange. Amelie put everything in mouth, rocks, leaves..the lot! Grass was always a better choice as far as choking danger goes. Great pics of u all jogging! And super cute sushi outfit!!
    Its nice u were able to relax habit and have afew drinks..1 year old soon!! They never notice it, its mainly for a pic and for parents to celebrate. If u get package from amazon its from us :).

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