Ty’s Birthday Present From Auntie Lilia.

Yesterday we unexpectedly got something in the mail. Ty was all over it. He must have sensed that it was for him. I hope you don’t mind Lils that we opened it before his birthday. I just couldn’t wait!

Wow, awesome socks! All wooden, durable, and very good-looking. At the children center I take Ty to they have these trains, but Ty never gets a chance to play with them because the older kids are always using them very possessively, and now he gets his own!
He was super into it. Inside is a little horn and Ty immediately figured out if he pushed it forward and back that the horn would honk. And the noise isn’t irritating, but rather a nice airy “chu chu” sound.

He doesn’t know how to climb on or off yet and actually he’s hasn’t even pulled up to stand on the train yet, but I’m sure he’ll learn soon. I helped him out and pushed him around for a bit. He didn’t really know what to make of siting on it, ha.

The next morning he went immediately to the train and pushed it back and forth for a long time. I went into the kitchen and at one point he couldn’t see me so he got concerned and frantically started crawling towards the kitchen, so I popped back into his view and then he turned right back around and crawled back to the train to resume playing with it. I’ve NEVER seen him do that. Usually when he goes looking for me he doesn’t stop until I pick him up, but for him to turn around and decide to go back to play was pretty amazing.

Lucky lucky boy! Thank you so much Lils, Maxim and Amelie. The present is great!


You know my whole plan of practicing cake making for Ty’s birthday? Well, that hasn’t happened. I’ve been sick as a dog for the pass few days and I’ve had barely enough energy to prepare Ty’s meals, so there was no way I was going to bake. And since were going to Chiba on Friday (his birthday is on Fri) I have to make a cake tomorrow so we can celebrate his birthday maybe Fri morning. So there will no test cakes. Fingers crossed this cake turns out good tomorrow. Send positive energy people!


3 thoughts on “Ty’s Birthday Present From Auntie Lilia.

  1. lil says:

    sending positive energy for th ecake! lol, i’m SOOO happy he likes it! I hope he’ll be a fan for a long time, even after the novelty wears off he might get back to it when he’s older heh, and I’m all about impatience and opening presents early! 😀 He’s SOOOO cute, he just gets cuter ever day and his hair is curlier and curlier as it grows long eh? It’s alot smaller than I imagined which is a good thing! I hope you enjoy your time with jan and bri and have a relaxing 1st birthday. xxx

  2. Mia says:

    That train looks fairly big and he just looks even bigger sitting on it, lol. Wow, favouring the train over mum says just how much he appreciates that present… perfect choice, Lils.

    Best of luck with the cake! and hope you can get some good rest before traveling. Odaijini.

  3. Sending tons of energy for the cake! Hope it all turns out well! I agree with Lils totally! He’s getting cuter every day! So glad I finally found a way to comment, since before It wasn’t possible with my wordpress down. He looks super long in the pic where he’s rolling the train! He must really like it to leave you for the train 😛

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