Happy 1st Birthday To My Baby Boy!

Sugarless carrot cake turned out well. I got the recipe from Baby Led Weaning cook book and for sweetener it uses only dates and raisins (thats what the dark bits are on the cake) and it came out super sweet, but I was happy with the results anyway. Its a pretty hearty and dense cake though so not very birthday like, but being that Ty doesn’t eat much anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about that.

The decoration isn’t perfect, Ty doesn’t even like oranges, but who’s judging right? I made modifications so the cake would be vegan and for the frosting I used coconut milk whip cream. Made it for the first time and it wasnt bad!

A tiger for my boy Ty. I got 2 other candles that was a T and Y, but I totally forgot about them. I guess they will be used for his 2nd year birthday if we still have it by then.

We celebrated in the morning since we had plans to leave for Chiba in the afternoon and I didn’t want to take the cake with us.

Cake for breakfast. Lucky boy! He picked at it.

And tasted it and made a face. It probably was the coconut whip because I think I put in too much vanilla extract in there, but it was cute seeing his reaction. Ty didn’t eat the cake, but I certainly enjoyed having cake for breakfast. And no guilt at all! Carrots, dates, and raisins, too unhealthy yeah?

Motozo tried to show Ty the way to eat it. Our baby sitter said “NOO, then he’s going to learn how to eat like a dog.” Haha. it was funny.

After breakfast Ty has a nap so when he woke up we did presents. Well, one present since I want to give him new toys one by one.

He got a phone that ended up being pretty irritating since its loud, haha. It does ABC’s, Numbers, and songs. So long as he likes it though. And since he’s always trying to take my phone I wanted him to have his own phone, but of course the iphone still is more interesting for him ha.

Then we did a fun Japanese tradition where the child “chooses” their occupation by putting out different objects and whatever they select is supposedly their future occupation. We just did it for fun and we put out a book, writing thingy, jump rope, calculator, and hair brush. He went RIGHT for the  jump rope and looked at nothing else. Its decided! He’s going to be an athlete, ha.

I can’t believe he’s a year old! He will always be my baby though! I want to do a more through update on him being a year old one of these days along with whats changed for myself as well.


2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday To My Baby Boy!

  1. artsyduct says:

    You’re looking so beautiful pegs! Great cake, looks yum and rich. Interesting coconut icing too. Its made with love u can tell! Great pics of you all too, he’s going to be an athlete for sure!! Lol. I saw a mother do that with doctor tools and dentist tools lol, very limited choices lol. Happy birthday little tiger! Xxx

  2. Jesse says:

    Happy Birthday Ty!
    That looks so well done!
    And Motozo is sucha funny dude.

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