Nambo Paradise!

Sorry, Jan. I choose the same title as your post. I hope you don’t mind.

Last weekend on Ty’s birthday we visited Jan-tachi in Chiba again. We wanted to visit before it got too hot and so our 1 yr old (!) boys could meet up.
Brian is amazing walking around and is more of a toddler than a baby. He’s so clever and responds to commands Jan and Josh give him and learns new things daily. He blows kisses, bow his head for good morning, point, and talks a lot of baby talk. I totally see him talking very soon. He was so cute watching Ty all perplexed like that he was crawling instead of walking. He’s friendly and lets me carry him, but is more cautious over Motozo since Motozo really likes to see what Brain can do and is always giving him “commands” and I think it makes him nervous haha.
It also amazes me whenever I see Brian nurse without getting distracted. I seriously forgot when Ty was able to nurse anywhere and anytime. I so wish Ty was able to nurse like Brian!
But anyway, it’s so cute watching the two play together. They are typical boys who like playing rough. They pinch and grab at each other, but neither one makes a fuss about it. Our boys are so tough!

We visited Nambo Paradise which was had beautiful green houses with loads of exotic flowers and plants. A petting zoo of sorts and other exotic animals. I took a million photos of flowers, but I’ll spare you from that and just show you these two.

Jan, you say your hand isn’t elegant and nice!? It looks pretty darn delicate and gorgeous here!

We took advantage of a family photo and disrupted Ty’s nap.

BFF. It’s so wonderful that my childhood best friend also had a baby boy the same time me! Always amazes me!

Brian slept like a baby through the green houses. Awww, a baby sleeping has got to be the cutest thing ever! So peaceful!

As if on cue, Ty woke up right when we finished the green houses just in time to see the goats, guinea pigs, and parrots. Lovely greeting from the goat.
Ty didn’t have much of a reaction according to the photos I have, but Jan has some great ones with Ty looking pretty thrilled. How did you get those shots Jan?

The parrot was the best thing! In the beginning Ty was into the parrot and wanted to grab it, but then he started ignoring it no matter how much pointing I was doing, ha. Silly boy.

We were offered to carry the big parrot, but for some reason none of us wanted to do that. The little ones were good enough.

After we wandered around and saw the other animals we started getting really hot and hungry, so Jan and I waited with the babies indoors while the dads brought the cars over. The boys munched our their snacks and Ty was really fascinated with Brians shoes. Brian wasn’t so into this and kept pushing Ty’s hand away, but Ty was pretty persistent. It’s so cute that Brian is possessive of his and his moms things. Ty doesn’t do any such thing so it was pretty interesting to watch.

Look at him all grown up in his shoes!

Both of them have grown up so much! I can’t believe a whole year has gone by! It seriously feels like yesterday that I went into labor and here we have 1 yr olds!

Brian blowing a kiss!

Jan posted a nice group shot of us looking “normal” so heres our attempt at a crazy shot. I think Jan and I got to work a little harder on being “crazy” haha.

Thanks so much Jan, Josh and Brian for having us over again! And thanks Jan so much for the box of clothes! And the lovely birthday present for Ty! Looking forward to seeing you hopefully at the end of this month!


2 thoughts on “Nambo Paradise!

  1. lil says:

    I just love these pics both you and jan have, you two are so so beautiful and awesome mommies! It’s funny how you both harp on about the other baby and how great he is lol, ty is just the cutest little flub. you could not tell at all that he has trboule with food!! they are both growing up so fast, it’s fun watching them together and crazy how time flies. I really hope we can all hang out in sept and jan tachi can make it down! So funny about the shoes, amelie is also fascinated by other kids shoes! interesting about bri’s protectiveness too, amelie also doesn’t experience any of that so it’s fun to watch, bri is definetely a quick one, ty is laid back and gets his stuff done in his own time, hes such a flub! 🙂 cant wait till you can take those side by side pics again and see what they do LOL

  2. Mia says:

    Seems wrong to have the lion mouth open wide for the goat to poke his head through, lol. and it`s more like “Crazy Dad” photo, hahaha. You 2 are such ladies ;).
    Such great photos! I`m so happy you both had boys and at about the same time, too. Their differences and similarities are so interesting.
    I`m already looking forward to their 2nd year and what mischief they`ll bring.

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