Ty’s Recent Playing Adventures.

Last week the babysitter gave him the cleaning roller to play with. She showed him how to use it and man it was a HUGE hit! Every single day last week he spent quite a long time playing with the roller. The good thing is he doesn’t eat or fiddle around with the dirty end and instead properly rolls the thing back and forth and around the place.
For some reason he made his way under the coffee table. ha.

The next morning he was back at it again. I guess he thought that carpet needed some major cleaning.

He takes his cleaning very seriously!

He’s also been really enjoying his birthday presents from Jan and Lils. These push carts are awesome and he actually knows how to turn it himself. But only to the right so he ends up going around in circles ha.

The first time he tried pushing the train he fell and hit his head on the water bottles we keep in the doorway (genkan), so he gave the train a little break and favored the miffy walker instead, but then yesterday I spotted him while he pushed the train to make sure he didn’t fall and he absolutely loved it!

Another belated birthday present for him (I consider a present from Dad since it was his idea) arrived today. A hammer and pin set. When we visited Brian Ty seemed to like the one Brian had and Motozo thought it was really cool toy, so of course, we got one for him. He’s so spoiled!

But of course, the best “toys” are not really toys. Yesterday I gave him some plastic bowls, plates and cup set with a spoon and it kept him occupied for a super long time! I was even able to make dinner while he sat there trying very hard to put the spoon in the cup over and over. Eventually, he got a little frustrated with the spoon because it was difficult for him to put it in the cup so we moved on to something else. Recently, putting things into something else is something he finds super interesting. He likes putting small objects into large objects and shaking it. Another is putting a straw in a hole.

He knows how to open up the shelf doors and today he had an absolute blast pulling out all our “pantry” foods out. I think I need to rearrange the kitchen to give him a shelf with things he can play with.

A recently enjoyed beverage was an acai smoothie I whipped up for Sat breakfast. It’s not as purple as Id like it to be because I blended up too much fruit with the acai, but Motozo really enjoyed it and it was a nice way to start the weekend.

I’ve been cooking a bit more recently, but its kind of boring to blog about because everything I make has to be Ty friendly and with his allergies I’ve cut some foods out of my diet to make it easier. Ty still eats very little so there’s no point in me making a separate portion for him. I usually just give him whatever I eat. But these pass few weeks I’ve enjoyed making him some foods from Baby Led Weaning book, although, sadly a lot of the dishes from the book he doesn’t like. He seems to like simple foods. He likes chickpeas and lentils straight up, but if I make any bean or lentil burger he doesn’t eat it.
But anyway, maybe I will make an effort to take photos of what I make for him to perhaps give other mums some food ideas etc.

Yesterday, Ty had a blood test to test is iron levels and to test for his allergies. At the hospital they take him into a room (without me) for the tests and it was so painful for me to hear him screaming on the other side of the door! He was so distraught from the needle experience he nursed in the hospital without the ERGO! That was pretty amazing. He hardly ever nurses in a cradle hold(at home he has to nurse laying down in a dimly lit room to concentrate) and outside he’ll only nurses in the Ergo, but he nursed for a super long time in my arms and my heart melted! I absolutely loved nursing him like that! I wish he’d do that on a regular basis.

As for the iron levels and allergies, I’ll get the results next week. I’m nervous because I really don’t want him to have to go back on iron supplements since last time it gave him horrible diarrhea! But it’ll be good to figure out his allergies.


2 thoughts on “Ty’s Recent Playing Adventures.

  1. lil says:

    HAHAHA SOO funny the one of him earnestly cleaning. He is such a little cutie! I hope his results come back fine, so stressing to have allergies. I’d love to see the food you make for him, I tend to just give her plain no fuss foods too because she prefers less hampering with it, but as she grows older I think she’s taking more to mixed things and it’s so good to introduce good foods! That hammer toy looks so fun, and he’s really concentrating on that cup/spoon! So funny. Look at him walk too! He’ll be up and away in no time.

  2. Jan says:

    Wow!!! Ty’s really changing and growing up fast! Exciting! This stage is so fun to watch their reactions to things, yet it’s also tiring to keep making sure they’re not touching or fiddling with something dangerous. Busy busy times!!! 🙂
    I’m always so impressed with how you handle the caring of Ty’s allergies and ‘hospital stuff’. Amazing! You are so awesome!

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