Zucchini Pasta

First of all, I just want to say that every time I skype with my sister and niece, I really really wished we lived in the same country!


Ty has come a super long way from his zero solid eating days! It’s really just recently, perhaps around 10 months, that he started eating 1-2 bites of whatever I offered him. He def has some texture issues and is pretty wary of food in general, but in the pass few weeks he’s starting to be a little more daring and will eat 3-4 (plus more sometimes) bites of his meals. Happy dance for me! Last week he ate diced avocado for the first time! He enjoyed squeezing it in his hand and then eating the squashed up pieces oozing out from his fingers. This was a big deal for me! Then today he ate half a cherry tomato. Again, a gigantic deal for me! ha. I offer him these foods regularly and he usually wouldn’t touch it or would take one lick and be done. Little tiny baby steps!
He has some staples that he does actually do well with, like rice, pasta, green/brown lentils, chickpeas, cucumbers, raw apples, green beans, zucchini, beets, occasional carrots, and he’s pretty good about herbs etc. Other than apples and recently avocado, he doesn’t like fruits at all. Bananas are an absolute no and he doesn’t like juices as well. He def prefers savory foods.
I’m raising him (as of now) a vegetarian. I’ve given him eggs (doesn’t like), yogurt (absolutely hates), and cheese (sometimes he eats it and sometimes he won’t). I was trying for a while to not give him gluten, but I’m not strict about it now. As much as possible thought, I try to limit it and I always make brown rice pasta for him and grind up oats to use if I need flour in a recipe.

So for Ty’s dinner tonight I decided to experiment a little. Since Ty likes pasta I thought he might enjoy spiralized zucchini. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who likes to find ways to get our kids to eat more veggies.
I sautéed the spiralized zucchini to soften it and added some organic tomato pasta sauce (from a jar) and sprinkled on some parmesan on his portion. On the side I sautéed thinly sliced potatoes and flavored it with mixed dried herbs and some thinly sliced apples up top. The meal was definitely lacking in protein, but I was all out of his favorites and I didn’t want to give him more cheese as that’s all he ate for breakfast this morning.
It must have looked like pasta to him because while I was taking photos at the low window ledge (the only spot with good natural lighting in the late afternoon), he came crawling over as fast as possible and grabbed right for the “pasta”! ha. Sorry the plate isn’t the cleanest. I don’t have the time to make it look all purty.

He seemed pretty enthusiastic about the zucchini at first, but then he started just playing with the plate. So I moved the plate away and just put some food on his tray.

He studied the potatoes and seemed to really like it as he proceeded to put everything into his mouth, but then he started gagging which was pretty surprising for me because he hasn’t gagged in months. He just couldn’t get the potato down. I thought the pieces were soft and moist enough with the olive oil I used to sauté it, but I guess it was still hard/dry for him. He ended up spitting everything out and wasn’t so into eating after that.
I tried getting him back into it by offering him an apple slice. He ate one.

He ate a couple more zucchini strings and then that was the end of dinner. He def didn’t enjoy it as much as he usually does for regular pasta and I was a little disappointed. But what can I expect, zucchini isn’t pasta. Well, at least he ate a little. It’s always so cute watching him eat “noodles” so that was fun for me.

Today I bought some popsicle molds and coconut popsicles are freezing now so I’m really looking forward to enjoying it together with Ty tomorrow! We will see if he likes it 🙂


One thought on “Zucchini Pasta

  1. lil says:

    yumm coconut popsicles! I never made a big deal of hte veggie thing, and amelie still likes her broccoli and asparagus, I think the more you offer, the more they just think it’s regular. But she does prefer the bland rice stuff too. I wish we were living in the same country too..boo!! It’s so fun catching you on and ty too. Amelie knows his name really well lol. You can probably try zuchini without hte tomato paste and he might like it? Or does it matter , I know amelie likes singular foods at a time, and only now getting the hang of mixed, but I guess it’s better to introduce both when they are younger. It’s so stressing trying to find the right balance between introduction and familiar and offering a good range of nutrition since sometimes they don’t even eat it so the nutrition aspect goes out the window! You’re doing so well, I think he just needed time for solids and he has a sensitive gut. xx

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