Late 12 Month Update

So the results are in on Ty’s allergies. As expected he’s allergic to walnuts and mustard seed. Unfortunately, they couldn’t check for cashews and pistachios that I also wanted to have him tested for, but they were able to check for peanuts and almonds and as of now he doesn’t have an allergy to those. I also tested him for buckwheat (soba), soy, sesame, and dairy and thankfully all were negative. So tomorrow I’m giving him edamame beans(I gave it to him and he was fine). The results showed that he was about 50% allergic to walnuts and 35%ish percent allergic to mustard, but I’m positive that Ty has both those allergies as he had a reaction to rice puffs (with the only ingredient as rice) that were manufactured in a factory where walnuts were also manufactured. And he got pretty red when I seasoned natto one time with mustard. After telling the Dr this she also agreed he definitely has those allergies.

I also gave him a new gluten-free grain a couple weeks ago, amaranth (popped! will do a post on this soon as I’m kind of obsessed with popping amaranth now), but he got a little itchy around the back of his neck and chest. I’m pretty sure the hospital doesn’t test for amaranth as it’s not a well-known grain, so I’m just going to have to give it to him again and watch him closely to see if he has any reaction. Its pretty hard with Ty because he has super sensitive skin and turns immediately red if he bumps his face into anything. And now with it being so hot and him being a very sweaty boy, he gets heat rashes that also slightly resemble a light allergic outbreak. I’m constantly checking his skin on a daily basis to see whats going on with it. I hope he outgrows his allergies and doesn’t develop any more.

I haven’t taken him to his 1yr check up yet, so I don’t know his height and weight (its impossible to weigh him at home now since he moves too much), but a couple of people said recently that he looks like he grew in height and he’s loosing his baby fat. WAH!!!! I’ve noticed that he’s loosing his cheeks and belly a bit and he has thinner legs now that he’s constantly on the move and I’m so sad about this! He’s bound to only start slimming out even more too. sniff sniff! But at least he’s growing. (Edit: I took him to his check up and he surprisingly gained weight. He’s is up to 9kg now and grew in height as well so all is good. The Drs and nurses were very impressed with how much he’s thriving on basically breast milk alone. Especially since he was born extremely underweight. By Japanese standards he’s average height and weight now.)

Sometimes he does things that make me realize that he’s not a baby baby any more and other times he’s still my tiny little baby. Oh, who am I kidding! He’ll ALWAYS be my baby, ha! He’s starting to try stacking toys, putting smaller objects into larger objects and he tries to put long things into holes. If I give him a pen and show him how to use it, he’ll try very hard to “write” on the paper, but of course, eventually the pen goes in his mouth. He’s still obsessed about putting everything into his mouth and he has discovered that he can crawl AND carry his toys around in his mouth. It’s so funny to watch, but also a little scary as I worry he’ll fall on his face and toy will do damage to his mouth.  When he wants something he reaches his hand out to the object (he doesn’t point yet) and says “Abba?” or “mmmm?” Every day he has a new sound that he likes repeating over and over. He talks a lot, but he doesn’t seem to be anywhere near saying any actual words. He claps his hands for “gochisousama”  and now I don’t know how to teach him “please” haha. And man, he really needs to learn please as he’s pretty demanding. He’s gotten a whole lot better about being away from me and I’ve learned the key is to leave the house while he’s napping. When he wakes up he’s pretty easy-going and doesn’t fuss when someone other than me is around. I’ve read for separation anxiety that it’s actually better to not leave while the child is sleeping because he could feel really confused and scared to find mommy gone when he wakes up. They say it’s better to say your good byes to the child while he’s awake so you can tell him that “Mommy will come back. I won’t be gone long.” And sure enough Mom does come back and babies build trust and are more comfortable in the long run to be separated from mom. Well, I did that for a while and he definitely had more anxiety when he sees me leave, so I’m now going to try arranging his nap around the time I want to leave.

Speaking of naps, they are getting harder and harder these days. He’d rather play even though he’ll be tired so it takes a super long time to put him down for his naps. He naps 2 -3xs a day for 30mins each time. The first nap is 2hrs after he wakes up in the morning and the 2nd one will be 3-4hrs later and he’s up for a long stretch in the afternoon. He goes down for the night sometime between 6:30pm-7pm and recently he wakes up around 5-6AM, but I could tell he’s still tired so we stay in bed until he finally falls back to sleep an hour later for another hour or two. I’d say he gets around 13-14hrs a sleep all together, but it’s interrupted as he nurses through the night.  Some days I feel really rested and other days I feel exhausted. Coffee is still my very good friend 🙂 Recently, Motozo and I have been discussing the sleeping arrangements as him sleeping with me on our queen bed is getting a little dangerous. Even though we have a fence on one side, with him becoming more and more mobile, its only a matter of days where he’ll be falling off the bed, so it might be time to move him to a futon. I’m not happy about this as it means I’ll have to sleep on the futon too as sleeping with him is the only way I’ll be able to get any sleep, but for the sake of Ty’s safety I’ll do it. He hates his crib and freaks out if I just put him in it briefly during the day. I think we should just sell the crib as it’s not being used at all. We used the crib for a couple short months when he was 3-5 months and I finally figured out that co sleeping = more sleep for me. I’m all for sleep right now so I don’t want to deal with any sleep training that might hinder my immediate sleep.

He doesn’t seem to be near walking as he still always uses support to stand up and walk around. But being that he was pretty slow with crawling, I’m presuming he’ll be the same for walking. I’m fine with him being a late walker though. Although, sometimes for the sake of his knees (we have wooden flooring) I wish he’d learn how to walk soon. He doesn’t seem to be into music very much as he doesn’t “dance” to music at all even though I keep the radio on quite a bit during the day. He does like it when I sing him some lullaby during bed time though.

He’s not so into his toys these days unless I sit down and play with him. He particularly likes his tunnel, playing peek-a-boo, pushing his walkers around and playing with his cars (thanks Jan!) It’s really cute watching him crawl pushing a car around. He also is loves playing with the vacuum cleaner although he eventually gets frustrated because its heavy and hard to maneuver. He loves playing at the gym too. He prefers free play rather than the led classes though.

He’s definitely getting some attitude lately that makes me think how I’m going to deal with discipline. He wants everything that I’m holding and if i don’t give it to him he gets upset by arching his back and shouting. The boy is such a sneaky charmer that whenever I say “Ty, No!” he smiles at me. And when I try to look super serious he smiles even bigger. Naughty naughty. He likes biting too. It’s usually only when he wants to nurse, burp, or is upset that he can’t get what he wants, but telling him no and pushing him away only encourages him to do it again and silently ignoring his bite seems to be work better at having him stop. Although, he knows now that biting me while nursing is a no no. Sometimes when he needs to burp he very very lightly touches his teeth against my nipple, but doesn’t bite it any more.

Nursing is going as usual. He pretty much has been nursing 4-6xs a day and throughout the night since 10 months. In the day he doesn’t nurse for comfort and only nurses when he’s hungry and tired. He has 3 meals a day plus 1-2 snacks in-between. Still is an extremely light eater and won’t go near fruits. Wah! I hope he eventually likes fruits! One change in him is he does try new foods a bit more eagerly now and if he doesn’t like it he just spits it out. I was quite surprised that he liked quinoa enough to let me feed him a couple bites. Meal time = huge messes all over. Sometimes I get super frustrated with the constant clean up, but other times I find it pretty funny and cute. I’ve realized just recently that if I cut up his food to small pieces so he can pick it up with his fingers, then he picks it up and tastes it more then before when I’d give him big pieces that I thought would be easier for him to grab. He’s all about using his pincers so I cut things up nice and small for him.

Anyway, this has been sitting in my draft folder for a week now so I’m just going to go ahead and post it. For some reason I’m pretty low on photos of him or all the photos I have are blurry and useless.


2 thoughts on “Late 12 Month Update

  1. lil says:

    OingOh wow! 9 kg is as much as amelie at 18ms heh, big boy. Too bad about the allergies but at least u know! Hope he grows out of them. I know exactly what u mean by immediate sleep relief, already so hard to get it, gotta do what works for u and ty. In the end its the zzzs that count. 14 hours sound good, ure doing really well! Play it by ear for discipline, I can finally do a firm no with ams as I can tell she needs it, she wouldn’t have benifited earlier and doesn’t seem too bratty who knows, but I think u just know when they are doing something out of bad behaviour or just curiosity. Wish there were more pics of him! Gotta catch u 2 online soon. Miss u both

  2. Mia says:

    Hahaha, love a sneaky charmer.
    That`s great you confirmed his allergies, I hope too, that it does eventually go away.
    After Aislinn we got a bed but went back to futon with Natie and Raiden… it just worked and I would sleep in peace without worrying if they roll over to the floor. We`ve a house of wild sleepers, night walkers, and one talker, lol, poor neighbors don`t get a rest.
    Japanese pat the cheek for Oishii, which most kids use for gochisousama like, ‘The food was yummy.’ Maybe you could swap it for Ty.

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