A Year In Photos

Yay! I actually successfully backed up my entire computer, but I just didn’t know how to confirm that the photos were indeed in the external hard drive. I went to Apple today to have it figured out and I’m glad I did as I never would have been able to figure it out myself. It required some fancy button pushing etc.
Even though everything is backed up I still am having a hard time bringing myself to remove photos from my computer. Especially the photos of Ty! I even keep blurry photos of him because now when I look back at old photos of him it brings back so many memories, blurry photos and all.
But photos must be removed to make room for new photos so I decided a year in the life of Ty was necessary. The problem with having everything in an external hard drive is that I can’t very easily go back and look at the photos (and I do look back at Ty’s old photos often and it never fails to make me SOO happy and amazed!), so this post is really just for me so I can look back at this photo and reminisce about how small he was without having to drag out the hard drive.

These aren’t the most “cutest” or best quality photos as I really wanted to use the photos that were exactly on each monthly birthday. So all of the photos except one is exactly on the 6th. I’m going to make an effort now to try to take good photos of him every 6th of the month now just incase I feel like doing this again once he turns 2 yr old.

1 day old Ty. Still in the NICU. So tiny and fragile! IV in his arm, tubes up his nose, and monitor on his foot. Breaks my heart every time I look at these photos!

1 month old Ty. Still tiny, but doing really well.

2 month old Ty. My dear friend Mary visited weekly to check on her “boyfriend” and give me some down time. She would give him a bath and try different techniques to get his gas out.

3 month old Ty. It’s hard to tell by this photo, but he really gained quite a bit already by 3 months and he looked almost like a different baby!

4 month old Ty. Nothing to say but, “awwww!”

5 month old Ty. In Maui. I heart onesies and OMG he seriously was bald! I didn’t really realize it until now.

6 month old Ty. Not the hugest fan of tummy time.

7 month old Ty. Sitting! But still occasionally toppled over backwards thus the pillow behind his back.

8 month old Ty. I’m not sure what he’s eating here, but I remember I tried giving him avocado and banana mash this morning and he wasn’t having it. Feeding was so tough during these times, but man he’s cute!

9 month old Ty. Aw, his sweet little smirk. I think this was the week after he was discharged from the hospital for pneumonia. He’s pretty pale, but he was playing well and was in good spirits.

10 month old Ty. Wow, he used to be alright with hats on his head! Now he immediately rips it off his head 😦

11 month old Ty. Poor sleepy boy. This was way pass his bedtime as we went out for my birthday dinner. He was a trooper though and fell asleep as soon as we got home.

12 month old Ty. This is his ACK face. He didn’t like his birthday cake, ha. I sure had fun eating the cake though.

Now I’m excited to start posting new photos. 🙂 Good bye old photos into the external hard drive.


One thought on “A Year In Photos

  1. lil says:

    awwww I love looking at hte old photos, he is soooo unbelievably cute, you can post as many blurry ones as you want because he’s sooo easy on the eyes lol. his little smirk! Just want to squeeeze him! I’m so glad I can meet him before he turns 2 while he still retains some pudge! Amelie is looking forward to it too and always says medu and baby ty lol. They grow up so fast it’s scary.

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