Quick Update

First of all, Happy Birthday to niece Amelie! 2 yrs old! Amazing! So looking forward to doing a little celebration when you visit Japan next month!

This weekend has been very low key with Ty having a fever which started Fri afternoon. I noticed earlier in the day that he was warm, but I chocked it up as him just being warm from the super hot weather we’re having here. But then in the evening I thought it was strange that he was warm even while being in air conditioner. Sure enough he had a fever and man nights are rough with a sick baby. He’s had zero appetite and for the first time in months I experienced engorgement. Ouch, made me wonder if I could ever successfully wean. That discomfort alone makes me want to nurse forever….well, not really, but I’m sure you mums out there know what I mean.

Getting his temperature checked and eating the biting on the thermometer case.

If theres one good thing out of a sick baby is the ultra cuddly baby that suddenly happens. He hardly ever just hangs out in my lap or stops moving for that matter when he’s well, so although it was tiring it also was kind of nice to spend so much time cuddling with him on the sofa.

Thankfully, on Sunday he’s a whole lot better and his fever has gone down. He’s taking super long naps which is totally not like him so he’s obviously not 100% yet.

Lets hope by Tuesday (we fly out to SF on Tues) he’s all genki like so.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Jesse says:

    Man. I want one those.
    Lord help the little one.
    Ave a great one guys.

  2. lil says:

    Oh poor little man, he’s so cute when he’s sick lol, I’m glad he’s getting better, hope he fights it off and is well when you fly out! Is he taking steps yet? He’ll probably have his first steps in SF! wouldn’t that be interesting!
    Hope I ca ncatch you before you leave, if not have a great trip and lots of xxx for ty!

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