Playing Catch Up

Hello hello!

It has taken me a super long time to blog because for awhile we didn’t have good enough internet access and now that we are in NY and spending time with relatives I don’t find myself on the computer a lot. Besides Ty requires quite a bit of watching out for to make sure he doesn’t break anything (were staying at my sister-in-laws parent’s beach house in New Jersey) and were having fun taking him to the beach daily or splash around in the pool rather than staying in front of the computer. But since Ty is taking an unusually long nap and everyone is still out playing beach volleyball, I have some time on my hands now.

I didn’t want to creep into our room looking for the USB cable to upload my cameras photos and potentianlly wake up Ty’s gloriously long nap so I only have a couple photos from Motozo’s camera to share. I have to play a bit of catch up starting from our time in SF.

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking and won’t get into the details of what and where we’ve been.

Hippy yoga clothes shopping heaven!

Ty wakes up brieftly from his jet lag nap (he slept for hours the first couple of days) to play at one of the many beautiful parks.

Ty’s fell back asleep in the baby carrier which means more sight seeing for us.

We went to The Peak. Unfortunately, The Peak had so much mist and clouds that we couldn’t see anything. It was freezing and I found it very comical that we made the effort to get to The Peak and didn’t get to see the supposed really good view.

I also bought a cheezy friendship band from a street vendor. Total tourist trap!

The last day in SF we had clear skies and was a little warmer. A LONG walk to Fishermans Wharf where we got to see the a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented a golf cart like thing that had peddles and we peddled our way as close as possible to the bridge.

We got a good view and was lucky with the clear skies. What is it with bridges being kind of pretty? We spend almost the entire day outside and I got burnt since I totally didn’t think about putting sunscreen on or a hat since it’s been pretty chilly here.

Lets hope I can update about Sonoma and Napa Valley wine tasting soon.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. lil says:

    oh wow sounds like such a beautiful trip and lots of awesome sites! You look beautiful! Is ty walking yet? Probably such big changes hes just going into hibernation now lol. what does the friendship band say?

  2. Naw. Ty isn’t walking yet but he’s getting really good at walking around by holding just one hand instead of both of mine.
    The friendship band says “Ty” haha.

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