Getting Back Into It

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged! Lately, when I have any free time in the evenings (usually when I blog) or whenever in the day I always seem to find myself either cooking or picking up after Ty. Then the last thing I feel like doing is sorting through loads of photos and resizing them etc, so I’ve ignored this place for a while. Today I felt like getting back into it though. I guess I just needed some time away.

It’s a shame I didn’t finish blogging about our San Francisco and New York trip. I took boat loads of photos and had a great time and when right when we got back family visited from Singapore, Canada, and China. Again, loads of photos were taken, but I was too into spending time with family that I didn’t feel like blogging.

Anyway, life continues and my little munchkin is 15months  old and walking now.

Lets look back at a photo of him from just last month in Sept. He was all into walking, but needed help while holding someone hands. His aunties were wonderful and gave me a little break from constantly having to walk around with him. Look at his cheeks back then!

All of a sudden, not long after he started walking, he lost his cheeks! At least to me he has. He looks so different now. Like a…..toddler!

Waahhh, looking so grown up! Minus the major drool that suddenly started recently! He never was much of a drooler until now. New teeth perhaps?

Literally, the day after he started walking I feel like he changed in a big way. He tries a lot more to communicate even though he still only can say “mama”. He seems to understand a lot more too and with his ability to walk I realize how much he actually does know. If we leave our building by foot he knows exactly where to go to get out and to get back in. Our building has lots of little hallways and elevators to easily got lost in, but Ty navigates his way perfectly.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Of course, theres still loads about him that is new and different, but if I keep things short and simple then I may be likely to blog more regularly.


One thought on “Getting Back Into It

  1. lil says:

    yay! He really is looking so grown up! they lose that chub so fast, it’s so hard trying to get it back LOL! So amazing how he knows how to navigate through the halls, I also get really surprised how amelie knows her way around even in the car driving she points to key landmarks before they reach

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