This and That of Ty

Just a couple cute pictures of Ty doing what he does lately.

Give me the camera! His hair is getting more and more out of control!

This boy LOVES his books. He has learned that books = attention from mom and dad so he constantly asks us to read him books. His favorites are “The Hungry Caterpillar” an “ABC” book, and a couple other that are interactive that he can pull and flip to discover different things. When I find him flipping pages on his own its just too precious! I hope his love of books continue. Recently, he likes getting into “adult” books and flips through the boring pictureless pages and then brings them over to me to read to him. Of course, he loses interest in those books fast. I need to invest in more kiddy books for him.

The photo is crummy and you’ll have to ignore the mess in our door way. He went into a shoe closet the other day and found one of my highest heels and promptly attempted to put them on. He loves shoes since he knows it means going outside. When he gets bored and wants to go outside he brings me his shoes and gets really excited if I bring out his stroller.

He’s all into doing things he’s seen us do to ourselves or to him. He takes his nose nozzle and puts it in his nose even though he absolutely hates it if I do it to him.
He also likes to try put the thermometer in his armpit which ends up being just down his shirt.

Poor boy has a fever and his first pink eye. Man pink eye is nasty! He’ll have to stay away from other kids this week, the poor boy!


3 thoughts on “This and That of Ty

  1. lil says:

    LOLOL I LOVE the nose one, he’s so funny!! clever too about the shoes, so hilarious that its your heels …its really too cute that he reads like mad. when you come we can pass you somet books amelie has grow out of., shes now flipping thorugh more wordy detailed books like curious george! his pants are so cute! and that one with him reading, his cardigan is just hte best, like a little old lady with his stringy hair these days!! Are you going to cut? I can’t imagine boy haircare like how to crop the bang area!
    so squishy and adorable. big kisses!!

  2. mama says:

    kawaii!!.ookikunattane.hanani ireteiruno waracchauwa !! kaminokemo kurukurudane-.BIG BOY nini natte bikkuri.kawaiiwa-!!

  3. SeikoChan says:

    riley had pink eye as a baby, so i dropped a few drops of my own breast milk .. lol! Healed right up! (Are you breast feeding still?)

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