Photo A Day Challenge: March 1st, 2013

Hello blog, Please forgive my absence. My excuse, as always, is that life got in the way. Well, for the month of March I’ve put a challenge on myself. A photo a day challenge. This is not only an attempt to get me back into blogging but also to get me back into using my big Canon camera. These days the iphone is so handy and convenient that the Canon has been totally ignored for over a month! Poor thing! The challenge for this month would be to post photos with the good camera but if time/life gets in the way then iphone camera will have to do. I need the rules to be loose for this to work. The good thing about  just having to post a photo is that its more time efficient. So if I don’t have the time to type up a post I’ll feel perfectly fine with just a photo. Already, this challenge almost failed as I was rushing around like a mad women the first thing in the morning till finally I remembered the challenge at 2PM. Whew! Now where’s that camera….. Starting off this month with Ty! Well of course! Image Avocado pasta for the win! In the avocado sauce I pureed steamed broccoli and carrots and sauteed mushrooms. He had no idea and gobbled it up. Almost ate the entire serving you see here! My big boy is all about cutlery and is quite a pro with both spoon and fork. 🙂 Here’s to a fabulous month!

Thought today was March 1st. Turns out its Feb 28th. Oops. A day early. Oh, well, no harm done.

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One thought on “Photo A Day Challenge: March 1st, 2013

  1. artsyduct says:

    lol you’re hilarious, yay can’t wait to stalk the photos here even though I get some on IG, never enough for ty!! Hes doing so well with eating! you must be relieved, also still showing chubby hands..sigh, I want to squeeze them! I wish we were on skype more and at the same times, these days the horror is always on the move. Good luck with the challenge, you make me want to take pics too:D

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