Officially March 1st Photo

So it’s officially March 1st and man did it feel like spring today! It was cloudy and windy, but pretty warm. I cycled everywhere today (got myself an electric bike that has a kid seat in the back) and didn’t feel guilty about Ty possibly freezing. It was lovely!

Sorry for the rather boring photos for today. Even though I had a pretty social and busy day with a friends baby shower in the morning and visiting a friend and her baby in the afternoon…well, I’m trying to respect others privacy so no posting photos of others unless I have their permission.





Ty was ultra ultra whiny and moody today but this is the 2nd time now that he went down for a nap with the babysitter! Being that Ty is going to start daycare part time from next week it’s good to know that he’s able to fall asleep without me. Of course, it’s going to be a transition for him and I’m expecting tears from both of us, but I’m actually really looking forward to a couple of my mornings being freed up so I can run or do yoga. I miss feeling fit and am rather ashamed of my body at the moment, so from next week I’m on a mission to get back into shape!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow with hopefully a more exciting photo/photos.


One thought on “Officially March 1st Photo

  1. artsyduct says:

    oh all the best with the daycare ! Alot of mommys around here are going through the process and it’s hit and miss for some, so crossing fingers. how many hours? I think he’ll be good if its a good environment. It would be nice to have abit of time and space for yourself in the mornings!

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