March 2nd: Creative Play

We all know this daily photo challenge was going to be Ty heavy right? I wish I could take photos of other things, but since he’s around me all the time (surprise!) he becomes the easiest subject. One of these days I’ll photograph something else. I also know this was suppose to be a 1 photo a day challenge, but I can’t help but post more than 1 :).

Kitchen utensils, a bowl, fluffy balls, and a snack kept Ty nice and busy this morning.





I’m happy to say I managed to get a run in this morning! It was a windy day, but I managed roughly 9km. It might have been more like 8km as I only ran for 42mins, but it still was wonderful! If I manage to exercise regularly again I’ll update my workouts whenever I do them.

Tomorrow were going to a pirate themed kid birthday party so I’m hoping for some cute pirate photos of the little man. I can’t wait to show you his costume haha!


One thought on “March 2nd: Creative Play

  1. artsyduct says:

    interesting littlefluffy balls! He is sooo cute, I love how hes touching both feet all yoga like 🙂 can’t wait for more pics of him and his pirate costume, more the merrier, forget one photo! 😀

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