March 3rd: Pirate Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I for one had a pretty rough one. Ty hasn’t been sleeping well and is on the boob the whole night long and then he wakes up super cranky and thus grating on my nerves. He also is not eating much (he goes through fazes of eating more or less) and although I’ve gotten better at relaxing and not making a big deal of it….well, today I found it exceptionally irritating when Ty would spit out his food constantly. No matter what I made for him he’d just take 2-3 bites and announce that he’s finished by spitting out his food. Oh, well….

Lets get to the more pleasant photos from our day. Starting with my simple breakfast before a short run. Thats sunflower butter on my apples. Love sunbutter and I order it all the time from iherbs incase one day Ty decides he likes it. Until then I’m happy to eat the entire thing. đŸ™‚


A friend hosted a pirate themed birthday party for their 4yr old boy so we went to that in the afternoon. I was beyond impressed with the amazing pirate themed spread the birthday boy’s mom put together.


Pirate Pancakes

Pirate cupcakes


Ty made up for his lack of eating by devouring about 3 of those popcorn cups. Total popcorn monster!


I don’t know how the host manages to make such an amazing spread! She’s a full time mom and has 2 kids. One is the same age is Ty! Puts me to shame!


We went for a practical costume. Pirate pj! Didn’t see the point in getting a full on costume that he’ll most likely outgrow in a couple months. The PJ was a huge hit for Ty. I’ve never seen him get so excited over clothes before. He kept patting his pirate on his shirt hehe.

Stealing the birthday boy’s balloon.


David got into the spirit of the party ha.

This blog is already giving me a headache! For some reason he has deleted my text 3xs! And thats with also saving my draft! Tomorrow Im back to one photo a day.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is Ty’s first day at daycare. He’ll go for 4 hours, have lunch and possibly a short nap. Wish us luck for minimal amount of tears.


2 thoughts on “March 3rd: Pirate Party

  1. Ellen says:

    what a beautiful party!!! Good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. artsyduct says:

    thats an amazing party! Ty is so cute with his pirate!! I read over the same age with booboo onmy blog and exact same issue, she was waking up heaps and on the boob the whole time..growth spurt? Teething? Hope it passes, it’s soo annoying when they whine too! Best wishes for tomorrow! For you and him, it can’t be easy. And good work with the blogging so far

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