March 4th: Spring

Is in the air. 








So just a update on how Ty did at daycare today. He seemed pretty interested to go in and play with all the new toys, but as soon as I said good bye he got really upset and cried. After I got out of the building I realized I had his coats with me so I went back up to the school and in that short time he stopped crying. 

The workers said he got a little fussy around noon and didnt eat much lunch which is to be expected because he usually takes a nap aroud 11 or 11:30AM then has lunch after he wakes up so he was tired and didn’t have an appetite. 

I only left him for 3 hours and I kept myself busy. Did an 8km run, showered quick then dashed out to do some grocery shopping and was able to pick Ty up just in time. He was pretty emotionally when I picked him up, but he was super happy to get into his stroller and again he was super happy when we got back home. I was really counting on him taking a nice long nap since these days he sleeps for 1hr – 2hrs now that he’s on a one-nap-a-day schedule, but he woke up after a short 40mins and the rest of the afternoon he was one cranky baby. He’s totally entering the terrible twos a little early I think. If he doesn’t get what he wants he throws a big fit, arches his back when I carry him and try to console him, and cries with all his might. He used to stop crying pretty fast and would get over his disappointments fast, but now….man, its super hard to remain composed and be patient. Breath breath! 

He also likes to put on his own shoes and hates to have my help which of course erupts in a dramatic fit. Argh! I know he’s feeling stress from his morning so I’m really really trying to be patient with him. 

I felt really guilty that he was indoors all morning when if he were with me he’d be able to go out to the park. When we visited the daycare they said they go outside if the weather permits, but today I was told they don’t go outside everyday 😦 HUMP! My boy NEEDs to go outside or he goes stir crazy. I’m really hoping he gets to go outside tomorrow. 



2 thoughts on “March 4th: Spring

  1. artsyduct says:

    hehe it sounds better than I expected! Good little man, it’s such a big change but he’ll get used to it over time. Hes probably really riled up so the last thing he can do is sleep, but hopefully it all calms down and you can get into a routine. You’ll read back on this later and be like..awww now he loves being there 🙂 Do they feed them a good lunch? Or do you make bento?

  2. Meg says:

    I make bento for him. The school does provide meals that are made on the spot, but its not vegetarian friendly and because of his allergies I’m paranoid that they will miss something so I also provide his snacks.
    I really hope he does eventually love being there 🙂
    I certainly am enjoying my time away from him, until I go and pick him up and then I’m racked with guilt.

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