March 5th: Gluten Free Banana Pancake Recipe

Ty has been on a total savory breakfast kick. He’ll eat rice with eggs, natto rice, rice with lentils and veggies and refuses to eat a semi sweet breakfast.

He used to be crazy about these banana pancakes I used to make for him, but since lately his enthusiasm for anything bread related has totally disappeared, I gave the pancakes a break for a couple weeks and brought them back today.

Don’t let the bottom photo fool you. He looks all happy with his pancake and took a bite but ended up spitting it out. I don’t know if its the rice flour I used or if he’s totally off on the banana. This used to be the only way he’d eat bananas. I ended up whipping him up some natto rice and he ate that! While its great that he likes natto, I do still wish he was more into breakfast food. It would make my job as his personal chef a lot easier. Now I have to make 3 savory meals a day and with his limited amount of foods he will eat its really hard!

His hair is awesome, I know!


Still I’m going to give you this recipe since I know there has to be other toddlers out there who are into breads and pancakes etc. Its super super easy and even on our busiest days I’ve been known to whip them up. Of course, I won’t be going out of my way for a couple more months now to make these, but hubby Motozo benefited from this and ate the entire batch today, so I’ll take that as a positive taste test!

I can’t take full credit for this recipe since I got the idea from a simple vegan recipe, but I added an egg and it pretty much makes this recipe full proof for any gluten free flours. Although, I can’t vouch on flours other than gluten free oat, buckwheat, and rice flour. I’ve tried all those 3 and oat flour is by far the best. I haven’t tasted any of them since they have an egg in them, but I can tell you that the oat flour fluffs up and has a soft texture, buckwheat makes for a rather heavy pancake, and rice is soft but thin. Ty definitely prefers the oat flour, but that may be due to him just being into banana pancakes back then. I even made oat flour pancakes for him recently and he still wouldn’t eat it so I cant say he didn’t like the two others based on the flour differences. Let me just remind you that he used to be crazy for this pancake and would happily eat it for breakfast and snacks! I guess he just got sick of them.

And on to the recipe.

Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

1 banana

1 egg

1/2 cup of gluten free flour or regular flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

In a food processor puree the banana smooth then process everything else until combined, adding more flour if the batter seems too watery.

Heat a skillet on low heat with some heat friendly oil.

Pour pancake batter 1 tbsp at a time making some cute mini pancakes.

Blah blah. I’m sure you all know how to make a pancake so I’m not going to type it all out.

This doesn’t make a large portion. It would be the perfect amount for a guy with a hungry morning appetite or be just right for 1 women and a toddler (depending on how much your toddler eats). Ty doesn’t eat much and when he ate these pancakes he had about 2 mini pancakes for breakfast and 2 for a snack. So one batch lasted about 2 days and thats it. But if you look at the ingredients, its not much so a women shouldn’t feel guilty for eating the whole batch for breakfast. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day, no?

Let me know if anyone tries it out 🙂


2 thoughts on “March 5th: Gluten Free Banana Pancake Recipe

  1. artsyduct says:

    ooooI shall try! I have yet to use oat flour, thanks for typing all that out! Amelie isn’t a bready/pancake person either, she would much rather natto and rice, but I wouldnt be too bothered if he has 3 savouries, all the better tha the doesnt develop a sweet tooth as it’ll come along eventually! Amelie doesnt like sweet stuf either, but she will eat fruit, shed much rather an avocado, or cinnamon or something. Love that pic of him carrying the pancake, does he still sit in his highchair?!

  2. Meg says:

    It’s great that she likes fruit! I’m really really hoping one day he’ll suddenly have a change of heart and be crazy over fruits. But you’re right. It’s good he doesn’t have a sweet tooth (but he does like sweet animal crackers) and natto rice is pretty healthy so I could be in a worse situation. At least I have natto as my no fail back up for every meal ha. He eats it daily without fail now.
    Yeah, he sits in his highchair. He likes to feed himself with cutlery so it’s better for him to be sitting in his highchair with a bib now that we have carpet flooring and we only have towels under his chair. I let him eat on the floor in the kitchen as he did for the pancakes.

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