March 7th: Poor Sick Boy and Our Poor Carpets

Ty has some mysterious stomach bug. No fever, but can’t hold anything down. Luckily, it’s pretty mild. Last night was the worse until he emptied out his stomach and then it was dry heaving and lots and lots of laundry and 3 changes of bed sheets and pjs for all. Then today he has no appetite, but is super thirsty and wants to nurse around the clock. The little bit of food he does manage to eat comes up a couple hours later along with breast-milk. 

Today I hate hate hate that we have carpet flooring and miss miss miss our old gorgeous wooden flooring. I hovered around Ty paranoid that any moment he’ll heave and we will be destined to have a stinky spot on our floor for how ever long we stay here. And then it happened, but thankfully more than half landed on our sofa which thankfully has washable covers. Sure we have a little spot on our floors, but it wasn’t too bad. But for your own sake, if you happen to visit me I wouldn’t recommend sitting on our floors, oh and I guess not on our sofas. Heck, I guess it’s best not to visit unless you’re alright with standing the whole time. 

Like father like son though. Ty loves the carpet and today more so than ever he loved laying on it and then suddenly my hatred for our carpets lessens just a tad bit. 



For any concerned, the photo was taken way before we had a little mishap. 



5 thoughts on “March 7th: Poor Sick Boy and Our Poor Carpets

  1. jesse says:

    That is a priceless photo of Ty.
    Thank you so much for your blog.
    It is just as priceless.

  2. Thanks Jess! I love the photo of Ty too. 🙂

  3. artsyduct says:

    sooo sweet. I couldnt deal with carpet, we threw lanolium ontop of the carpet as it’s impossible for us to keep it clean. You’ve done so well so far! You can get those huge linolium sheets and throw it ontop? I hope he gets well soon, poor bugger. At least he can keep water down? and breast milk, it’s times like that when it’s soo great you’re extended breastfeeding right? xxx to the little mister.

  4. mama says:

    MEG chan kara moratta suchi-mu no mata kaesukara sorewo tukattara iiyo. mamawa hokano suti-mu no wo katte , soredemo tuka wo kireini dekiru kara . tottemo kireini naruto omouyo. soshite jyokin mo dekirukara TY chan ni iito omouwa .

  5. Thanks mom! That’s a great idea! Have to figure out when I can get that from you.

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