March 8th: I’m In Love With

My cookie scoop! Seriously, this thing is the bomb! I love cookies and recently love making mini muffins, pancakes etc so it’s all perfectly portioned for Ty. It makes everything very uniformed and it’s just plain fun to use. Highly recommend one! 



Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to post. 

I’ve been suffering from horrible horrible hay fever ever since it got warmer this week. It’s seriously the worse thing ever! Burning itchy eyes, nose that doesn’t stop running, and sneezing every other second. I must get into the habit of wearing a mask. 

In other good news is that Ty is all better. He still doesn’t have much of an appetite and has lost noticeable amount of weight, but at least he’s keeping everything down. Tomorrow I want to do something special for him so were taking him to an aquarium. Should be fun. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


4 thoughts on “March 8th: I’m In Love With

  1. jesse says:

    Praying for your cough.
    Have fum at the aquarium.

  2. jesse says:

    Nice scooper by the way.

  3. artsyduct says:

    nice scooper, could you use it as an icecream one too? Looks like a good thing to have. Oh no about the allergies…you can take antihestimines? not sure when breastfeeding …good tohear hes keeping more down, it sucks when their precious weight comes off! 😦
    have fun at the aquarium

  4. Meg says:

    I know most Japanese gets a prescribed meds and eye drops from their dr for the allergies, but I’d just rather wait it out. It’s tough when I go out for a run, but I’ve survived every year without meds so I think I’ll be alright this year.
    Yeah, the scooper is good for icecream too, but I don’t eat icecream much since dairy free icecream is rare here and when I do find it it’s already pre-portioned for one person so I never used my scoopers for icecream ha .

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