March 9th: Aquarium Adventures

We started our day off with a hearty meal. Ty had egg rice(half quinoa half brown rice) and tested out the measuring spoons for feeding.


He soon learned it wasn’t the best and eventually switched to his yellow spoon. Thankfully, he ate almost his entire portion you see in the bowl.


Then we were off to the aquarium in Ikebukuro Sunshine city. It was the first time for all of us to go and it was pretty fun. The size was perfect for our little boy and he had a blast ooing and ahhing over everything.



It’s really fun to take him to these places now that he’s interesting and can stay awake longer. In fact today he didn’t take his nap until 2:30pm which is extremely late for him. Hope we don’t have to pay for this later as David and I going out for a date tonight and leaving Ty with the sitter.

Sad news is that the camera lens shattered today while we were out. It fell off the stroller and bam! 😦  It’s probably going to cost us a fortune to get the camera fix boohoo!

For the rest of this months challenge I’ll have to use my iphone or David’s Nikon camera. At least I made it 9 days using the Canon. Hurrah for me 🙂


One thought on “March 9th: Aquarium Adventures

  1. artsyduct says:

    wow thats alot of food he ate! Good little man~~ so nice taking him and that he can enjoy it now. It makes life easier. Hope he sleeps early enough. Really bad about the camera! You wer esdoing so well too lol. great jelly fish pic!

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