March 10th: Happy Birthday Lilia and Chris!

Lots of birthdays in my family in the month of March. Today is Lils and Chris’s and tomorrow is moms. I hope Lils and Chris are partying it up in Singapore and I’m looking forward to giving mum a ring tomorrow!

We started our day bright and early. For the first time ever, as soon as Ty got up and got off the bed he ran to the refrigerator indicating to me that he wants to eat. Who is this boy!? Ty never ever does this! It’s a tell tell sign that I’m not producing enough milk and/or he’s just making up for the weight he lost while being sick.  Last night he also got pretty frustrated when no milk came out. He couldn’t settle himself back to sleep so I was forced to get up and get him water. As soon as he drank a couple gulps he went back to sleep. I better start keeping water by the bed. While I admit that I am a bit sad that my milk is naturally dwindling, I’m also happy that he’s forced to eat more solids. I’m ready to wean, but I’m more or less letting Ty decide when he wants to be quits or until my body gives up.

He ate well for breakfast and then we were off to the park before the air was supposed to get suer contaminated by pollution coming in from China.


And man did it get dark and yellow in the afternoon. It seriously was pretty disturbing how smoggy it suddenly got and it was a very very distinct yellow. We kept Ty indoors for the rest of the day. He took a long nap and I did a short workout. David didn’t feel well all morning so I was on my own, but when he got up in the afternoon, I went out to get some groceries and masks.

Then I got cracking in the kitchen. I wanted to bake something fun for Ty to take to daycare.

Savory spinach cheese muffins. Unfortunately. he didn’t seem too into it, but I think I need to try again when he’s hungry because I gave it to him tonight after he had tons of edamame and avocado pasta so he was pretty full after that.


There’s no filter on my phone camera for these muffins. They really are a beautiful bright green color from the spinach I blended smooth. I’m not sure how they taste as they aren’t vegan in the least, but David seemed to have enjoyed a couple mini muffins so they can’t be that bad.

Fingers crossed Ty does alright in daycare tomorrow. He has been SUPER clingy and whinny always asking for “nene” (meaning both sleep and boob) so I know he’s feeling a lot of stress from daycare. Poor boy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


One thought on “March 10th: Happy Birthday Lilia and Chris!

  1. artsyduct says:

    thanks for the well wishes 🙂 we had a good time. Yuck abotu the smog! And about water, amelie’s had her water bottle near her bed from very young, like 1 years old? but she drankboth water and boob as she never gets enough to drink during the day. Even now she drinks everything in the night. Interesting how he points ot the fridge now! Good sign. Hope his appetite stays big and he eats! Hes so cute, all the best in daycare

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