March 11th: How to

Eat salads daily without the prep being a hassle.

This is a no brainer, but I felt like sharing because it really is a super easy way to insure you have a nice big raw salad daily. With the weather getting warmer I’m getting my appetite for green smoothies and salads back again. For a while there I didn’t care if I had either, but now is the time I go greens crazy until Winter rolls around again.

Before I had Ty I used to make a salad at every meal by taking some leaves off the lettuce and cutting just one salad portion for veggies to be added to my salad. It was time-consuming, but I had the time so I never thought about a more efficient way. Then Ty came along and everything I did had to be efficient. Heres where I started making a huge amount of salad just 1-2xs a week and storing the salad in the fridge for easy consumption.


My salad spinner bowls works perfectly for this. I prep all the greens, chop all the veggies I want into the salad and the bowl has its own spinning top that I use when I store it in the fridge. Wala! Now whenever I want a salad I don;t have to prepare from scratch, but just simply grab a few handfuls of the salad and enjoy with some homemade salad dressing that I always try to make sure I have made and ready to go. That amount up there lasts for around 2-3 days if David is also in the salad eating mood.

For the greens I had green lettuce, lots of parsley and water cress. I like to change my salad base around a lot, but right now I’m crazy about the added fresh herbs. I mixed in tomato, red bell pepper and cucumbers. Then whenever I eat a salad I also add some more toppings of whatever I have premade in the fridge. Which usually consists of steamed veggies, lentils and/or beans of some sort.

And now to pay respect for this day. It’s a sad day with it being 2nd year anniversary of the tsunami in Fukushima, but it’s also a day of celebrating because it’s my moms and my good mama friend’s birthday. Happy birthday dear ladies!

And now I’m off to bed. I seem to have caught Ty’s bug or maybe it was David’s bug? Either way, I have a slight fever and feeling all achy and sore all over! Good thing I had a lot of greens today 🙂 Going to fight this thing!


One thought on “March 11th: How to

  1. artsyduct says:

    Interesting! We don’t eat nearly enough greens, so this is a good idea. that salad looks yum!

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