March 13th: Ty Says and Ty Eats

Ty is a big big talker! That is for baby talk, but he still doesn’t say much actual words even though he understands a lot. The most recent new word is “more” He always asks for more toothpaste and tonight he asked for “more” tofu. TOFU! Since yesterday he’s loving tofu. He used to only occasionally eat the deep-fried type and always spit out the non fried type. Until yesterday that is. He seems to even prefer it over his beloved natto.

Since I talk a lot about how little Ty eats I thought I’d dedicate a post to what Ty DOES eat. Of course his likes and dislikes change a lot. One day he’s all over one particular food and the next day he’s so over it. But for now I’m grateful that he likes: tofu, natto, eggs, carrots, beets, hijiki, quinoa, rice, cheese waffle, cheese, chia seeds, coconut flakes, dried goji berries, pumpkin seeds,  edamame beans, adjuki beans, brown lentils, cooked spinach (if its mixed with rice) pasta, gnocchi, udon, and sometimes hashbrowns. The list is short, but I’m working with it. He still doesn’t like fruit of any kind, unless you count dried goji as a fruit. He also likes freeze-dried yogurt drops that I order off of iherbs, but will flat-out refuse yogurt in liquid form. It’s all in the details for him. With that in mind, maybe I just need to present fruit in a more creative way.

I was absolutely exhausted today! I stayed up wayyy to late talking to David about my mama guilt and I totally paid for it today. Drank a lot of coffee and only took a selfie of myself.


I did try to capture the adorableness of David and Ty dancing this evening, but again, I had trouble with the Nikon. Damn it!

It’s sort of a ritual now for us to have a dance session before Ty goes down to bed. Today he asked for music to be turned on after I reminded him that tomorrow we have music class in the morning. David and him jammed it out for a while and Ty even threw in some spins. My mini Michael Jackson, ha.


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