Challenge Fail. Ha!

Right, so how many days has it been since I last posted? Far too many, I don’t even remember. After the Canon lens broke (still haven’t brought it in to be repaired) I lost my mojo. The challenge was to post photos with the good camera and I tried to keep it up with my iphone and/or Davids camera, but I lost the fun in the challenge.

Ty has  also been sick lately so I’ve had my mind and evenings (the only time when I can blog) occupied. Once I had any free time I just wanted to chill infront of the TV with David and thats what I choose to do. David and I are going through Desperate House Wives and it’s really addictive and fun. 

Any hoo, at least I made it 2 weeks right? hehe

I will get the camera fixed and will post good quality photos eventually, but until then I think my post will be kind of sporadic and sparse. 


One thought on “Challenge Fail. Ha!

  1. artsyduct says:

    its ok, no pressure 🙂 just looking forward to the ones you do! I’m pretty laxy about the whole blog thing too

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