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March: Spring!

Hello blog,

So, I’ve basically determined that Fridays are really the only days I can blog. I guess I could maybe do some blogging over the weekend, but I’m not going to be too ambitious. What I do need to work on is taking more photos. I feel bad that I don’t take many photos of Ty any more and life in general. But I will start taking more photos and not just posting them on Instagram. Time to pull out the big camera and take good photos and actually take the time to load them into the computer. After all, that’s one of the reasons (at least for me) we bought a desktop computer. It has more storage space and easier for blogging with the keyboard and mouse.

Anyhoo, Spring is around the corner! How can I tell? When my eyes start getting itchy and I come back from my runs with bloodshot eyes and nose that won’t stop running. Fun times! I honestly am really looking forward to it getting warmer though. I’ve never looked forward to warmer weather because I don’t really function well in heat, but this year feels different. I’m tired of being cold all the time, wearing multiple layers when running (shorts! I can’t wait to wear running shorts!), and getting Ty bundled up and then taking the layers off again is a pain in the ass. This year we also have the beach house to look forward to. Can’t wait to spend time in our yard (hello outdoor yoga!), make simple meals, and just breath in lots of salty beach air. AH, I can’t wait. Of course, I may be singing a different tune once humidity rolls in, ha. We go down to the beach house tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing our Ume tree in full bloom!

The biggest news of all that I must document here is that Ty may be ready for some formal potty training. Thanks to his new daycare, he suddenly is quite keen on doing his business on the potty. The daycare takes all the kids at designated hours to use the loo and the teachers say he always does #1 without any problem. Last week he even went in a public toilet in Costco! I was so shocked when he said he wanted to go too while I was doing my business. For a split second I thought how trouble some to take off his shoes and pants in a dirty public toilet, but I went with it and I’m so glad I did when it was successful. Even just the fact that he was willing to sit on a public toilet is amazing! And then, this morning (drum roll please) he did #2 on the potty! He likes to stand when he does it and he doesn’t like me to go near him, so I just presumed sitting might be tough for him, but since he already had his diaper off and I could see that he was pushing I quickly told him to sit on the potty and he willing sat! I left the room since he likes privacy and when I come back he was done. We examined his accomplishment and LOTS of cheering made him feel pretty good I think. He even asked to sit on the toilet before leaving the house. His diaper was dry so I was thrilled. THRILLED! Planning to take the potty with us to the beach house this weekend so we can hopefully continue this awesome streak. Maybe I’ll even pack the big boy undies and let him run around without pants since we have flooring in the house.

These photos aren’t related to the post, but since photos make a post more interesting and fun I decided to post them anyway.

Parents are obviously enjoying this more than Ty.ha


Let me on daddy!


Fun with a friend.



 Strawberry muffins smelling divine! Hope Ty likes them.